I thought this was a joke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, May 22, 2006.

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  1. until I google searched it. I picked this up from another website:

    If I have been mistaken and it is a hoax, please mods delete the thread and accept my apologies.
  2. whilst i agree its a sick topic and needs to be stamped out - this is a seriously fast way to spread a virus.

    All chain mail letters should be deleted on sight.

    The love bug was spread by chain letters.... email this to 10 friends to recive love and blow jobs etc.... when you really got a nasy worm virus...

    IT Guru in Civ Div.
  3. NAMBLA have been around for a while... They are sick f*cks, who want to legalise paedophilia, mostly based in the US. There are equivalent organisations in other liberal countries.

    Best satirised in an episode of South Park, where the North American Man-Boy Loving Association were bravely battled by the National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes.
  4. I may be entirely wrong, but NAMBLA featured in an episode of South Park and I had assumed that the creators of South Park had made it up. If that is true, then this is just hoax, it would make me laugh of course, if I had started the rumour, that people would believe that a society called the North-American Man Boy Love Association could actually exist and not have been taken out by the FBI.
  5. Yes, they are real. Regrettably the site itself is legal as long as it doesn't contain any kiddie porn. Membership is anonymous, so Law Enforcement can't track down members through the organization's records. They've covered their bases on each level.
  6. Sounds like you know them well, Chief. ;)
  7. I guess I set myself up for that one. Anyway, the point is that they're evil and demented, but they're smart. They're using technology and legal loopholes to their advantage.
  8. Don't know about that. If you're suggesting that I got this from a chain letter, you're wrong; if I got that wrong, apologies. But definetly agree that chain letters/email are shite and give people false hope and they mean piss all to me.

    Like said, I look up the abbreviation and seen their website <shudders> which made me believe that it does exist. The adminstrator deserves a nice big steel-capped doctor martin shoved up his arse, twisted bstards :evil: