I Thought Prison Was Meant To Be Harsh?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Liney_Lunatic, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. is it me or is this yet another instance of "the system" not bothering it's @rse?

    Prisoners Taking The P!ss

    confiscate the lot and bang him up in solitary.
  2. They're not "goodies." They're just the basic materials needed for his latest Blue Peter project.
  3. what the hell is he building then, a miniature tank from cardboard to scare the guards?
  4. Be even funnier if the guards went in took the lot, took a picture of him crying and posted that.....

    Time we had a proper prison regime. No visits for the first few months.
  5. not a bad idea but then he will bleat to all and sundry (daily wail) that "'is yuman rights 'ave been breached and dat e wans ta get is sh!t bak, na wat im sayin boss" or whatever garbage it is that comes out of his mouth. personally i think that the yank sherrif has the right idea, why dont we get something like that set up here, 18x24's, rat packs, razor wire. it does us fine so why not them? would cost alot less aswell :D
  6. Mate, they are just taking the p!ss out of you. They are doing the same in this country as we have faithfully followed your methods. We need some real leadership here....where is it? Feck knows.
  7. Err, take their computer away, inhibit the signal. Hardly rocket science.
  8. but then how would the prison guards order the weed for the prisoners?

    ideal but we all know it wont happen as they will moan about costs etc.
  9. The Royal Navy would cram about a dozen matelots into a space that size. Or about half the crew of a submarine.

    The prisons are full? Get rid of the fecking tellys, play stations and tuck shop and you'll plenty of space for triple decker bunk beds.
  10. He's got TWO packets of jam biscuits and F UCK ME, ......NO WAY..................THREE,..F UCKING THREE bottles of radox.....................ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Better in prison for some than their life in the real world, no wonder people reoffend!!
  12. Depends which political party you vote for, or are perceived to belong to:

    ZANUNeuLiarbour - 'Cushy time' - especially if: religiously; racially; sexually differenced.

    Tory - Hard 'labour' - get the pun? No, I thought not.
  13. You could always try Sheriff Joe Arpaio's methods. He built a tent city prison in AZ, has banned smoking, porn mags and started chain gangs. The ACLU has challenged all this as being inhumane - don't think they've been successful yet - but I am sure they will not give up.
  14. 18 hours a day breaking rocks with 14lb sledge hammer, they would not time for bugger all else . . .
  15. Sheriff Joe is a great example of what can go wrong with elected police chiefs.

    By playing to the 'court of public opinion' (are you reading this Harriet) he ensures re-election. However, the county that employs him has been successfully sued many times.

    His antics have cost the good burghers of Maricopa County an absolute fortune.