I thought I was Tough??

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by monkey104, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. I will probably get slated for this but here goes.....Iv'e been around a bit seen a few things we should never have to see and thought I was immune to most things emotional, however when I watch the rememberance parades or see reports of servicemen giving their lives for others or as was the case recently a brilliant documentary about the old boys at the Royal Chelsea hospital I tend to get a lump in my throat and the old 'something in my eye ' syndrome.
    Does anyone know if this is a Military thing? Does it happen to civvies or as I suspect, is it me?
  2. Happens to me - and more and more as I get older. But then I am not only a softy, I am also a boring old fart.
  3. VASCO likewise
  4. A couple of years ago whilst guiding a coach load of battlefield enthusiasts around the Somme. I stopped opposite Beaumont-Hamel village to read the last letter home of a young officer who was to die there on 1st July 1916. Imagine the shock and embarresment when halfway through the letter I just choked up in front of 50 people and could'nt continue. A couple of my passengers were Normandy Vets and came up to me and said "Dont worry mate, you are only human." I still felt a prat but understood what they said. I now have a copy of the letter laminated and pass it around the coach for people to read individually.

  5. Gawd!! I am back in blighty next week and intend on me and the missus hopping on the bike and nipping down to Normandy for a couple of days.
    I will be the one wearing the big Rayban Aviators to hide my eyes!
  6. happens to me as well. you are not the only one fella.
  7. Natural for all or most who have sampled military life. Gets more intense as we age and mellow. Makes us human and lets us know that we understand lots of things that civvies don't.
  8. Well I'm still a civvie, though I've grown up in the Army 'cos of family being in, and I get the same thing when I watch Veterans Day/Memorial Services et al - and get thoroughly pi$$ed off when people talk and chat at the various services when we're supposed to be respectfuly silent.
  9. Would have to agree with you all there, after all we're only human
  10. Biscuits isn't he lives near Dale and talks 'dirty' to her on here! :D
  11. As I stated, anyone who has sampled military life. I would say that growing up in an army family qualifies.
  12. LINK = Tear jerking song about the 36th Division on the Somme
  13. And there was me, thinking I was suffering from an early menopause !

    Did anyone see the letter in the Daily Mail from a member of the public complaining that when 7 hearse passed through the town centre of Lineham the majority ingnored them. I cried at my desk I'm not ashamed to say.
  14. You softy
  15. I admit it !!