I thought 'Arry was a shoe-in

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Chodmeister, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I find it quite amazing just how shite the respective associations have been in finding and selecting managers for their teams.

    RFU at least has lucked out and got someone that, I hope, will master mind a turning of fortunes.

    But the FA going for Hodgson? That is that all about?

    Accepted he has been around a while but his general performance as a manager is marginal. He lost the Liverpool dressing room in spectacular style and WBA are mid table. His best period as manager came in the late 80s for Malmo and since then he has managed to last no more than 3 years with anyone racking up 14 clubs in 23 years.

    Sorry but the man is a journeyman. You don't move club as often if you are performing. I'd suggest the 2010 Fulham year is an aberration rather than reflection of trend. Since 2007, he has averaged a 40% win rate.

    I accept the FA needs to find an Englishman to do the job but Hodgson isn't the man to lead the team. He doesn't have the flare for it.
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  2. His total away record in the premier division over his years of Management (his win at Liverpool aside - ahem) is about the same as the average champions in a season. All of the matches at tournaments are "away". Well Bode does this not. Re-arrange that into a famous phrase.

    He's just bloody awful.

    I think I'm going to have a boss summer! Lump on England not getting out of the group. My Money is on France and Sweden although Home advantage should never be discounted.
  3. Every one of my dreams for the next England manager are coming true!

    Hodgson for England!
  4. burst out laughing when i read this last night, i dont think he's as bad as some are making out but i'd still have gone with Mr. Redknapp. do the FA realise that unless he wins a major competition its unlikely to go down well, half the population of england seems to have come out and endorsed redknapp since capello went
  5. I'm a Liverpool fan, the useless **** is at least that bad. "Nowthampton Town are fowmidable opposition". Prick.

    Hodgson for England!
  6. I am a spurs fan and think its ******* ace !
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  7. So the choice was between a crook who has managed to leave every club he has 'managed' in financial ruin or a 'perennial underdog' Who thinks playing 7 across the back at home and snatching a goal on the break is progressive football.

    Doesn't really matter who takes it anyway, our fine upstanding press egged on by the wembley attending English 'supporters' will have the next managers reputation trashed and the individual ridiculed and virtually unemplyable within 12 months :)
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  8. hows king kenny treating you? :winkrazz: (as a rangers fan i can hardly laugh at anyones misfortune at the moment)

    i think he's a solidly average club manager with experience of managing internationally and its the international bit that got him the job. i'd be pretty hacked off if i was an england fan but as a bitter scotsman.....

    Hodgson for England!
  9. you also realise the whole of the english press corps will spend euro 2012 crying into their hands and wailing "if only harry redknapp was here!" whenever england lose a goal.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    As a Saints fan I can't ******* stand the **** Redknapp.

    ****! ****! ****!

    That doesn't add value to the thread I know, but HeyHo.

    He is a **** though!!!!!!
  11. Better than Ally's treating you ;)

    I thought we were going down under Hodgson. Kenny's already got us to two cup finals and won one of them.
  12. Don't care as long as Man City thrape the rags tonight.
  13. Ross County for the 2012/2013 title!