I think this is worth the stretch....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dragosani, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Sorry if you've covered this, but I'm at work and cba to do a search :p

    BBC News - Manchester riots: Doughnut thief jailed for 16 months

    Good drills shown here: "The serial offender went to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous before downing a bottle of sherry and stumbling into Krispy Kreme in Piccadilly Gardens"

    That's just class :)

    "He was caught with a box of doughnuts when 20 riot officers arrived"

    This guy has got style and panache....Thomas Downey - Darwin Award and Nobel Prize all rolled into one - you heard it here first

  2. I thought this was just rumour control working overtime when I heard about this in custody (There were lots of people referring to it as custard over the radio at the time).

  3. The sentenced include Jordan Kelly (20), of Kerswell Walk, Newton Heath, who was jailed for six months for going equipped after officers found him with a balaclava and a bin liner.
  4. What sort of moron raids a donut shop?

    Everyone knows it's where the Feds hang out
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  5. I heard the arresting officer was Chief Inspector Clancy Wiggum
  6. What did they get you for?
  7. And from the same source I think this deserves a massive "D'oh !!" as well

    " Biniam Tekle, 21 ... mugger given 2yrs for robbing exhausted special constable as he trudged home after tackling rioting gangs for 15 hours. Tekle snatched 51-year-old Andrew Hill's briefcase and a bag containing his uniform, London's Wood Green Crown Court heard"
  8. We get all the class acts in Manchester..........
  9. Err No it was Wancy Cliggum
  10. Surely as his son, you'd know?
  11. Double time for two of the ten shifts I did. Unfortunately they quickly changed back to the usual tactic of cancelling all rest days but it was nice whilst it lasted.
  12. That guy needs help.Hopefully he can dry out whilst banged up.
  13. Are you sure it wasn't Five_Alpha going equipped for an evening of recreational raping?

    Arrsers beware what sort of equipment you carry on you!
  14. I thought he'd been buried at sea, or was it one of his relatives?