I think this is pretty gay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Over the top PC bollocks

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  2. About time, they took the piss out of my man-bag as well

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  3. What next?...You know what, i don't care i'm leaving the country the moment i can.

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  1. Clickerty Click Cick

    Have nothing against gay people, but is Straw telling me that if i say "thats pretty gay" i'm going to be locked up ad forced to shower with sexually deprived men?

  2. Mr Straw should be aware that there is hatred and invective, kickings and murder directed against people of all sexualities for no reason whatsoever. Why not protect all citizens who wish to live peacefully within the law from this grief rather than suck up to minorities just because the grief they receive has a reason, however unreasonable? Votes?
  3. My old OC was at Uni with Jack Straw. Apparently he had the Queens portrait removed from the refractory and banned the OTC from wearing uniform on university property. Says all that needs to be said about the man.
  4. Whaaat!?? Is that straight up?

    If so, I'm appalled..... (but not surprised, actually)...
  5. Is there anything that does'nt offend these people ...what happened to freedom of speech ffs
  6. I love Jack Straw is he gay though!!
  7. To stray off the subject slightly, talking of removing pictures like Jack Straw did, reminds me of the story of when Labour got in and removed a painting on the wall of 10 Downing St of the Marquess of Salisbury, a previous Prime Minister in the 19th Century who was seen as a bit of a colonialist at the time. This didn't fit in with the "new liarblair" vision of the world. They replaced it with a portrait of Oliver Cromwell who fitted in with their new order. The first delegation to visit Downing St after they did this was from Singapore who looked on the Marquess as a benefactor to their country and were rather miffed when Salisbury wasn't shown on the staircase. The second delegation were from the Republic of Ireland who perceived the portrait of Cromwell in much the same way as the Israelis would view a portrait of Adolf Eichmann staring down on them.
    Cue a few history lessons for the all inclusive advisors at Labour HQ.
  8. Sounds pretty gay to me... Oops! :D
  9. Maybe im missing something here (i usually do) but i dont see the problem. Do you really think it is fine to incite hatred against gay people? saying something like 'thats a bit gay' it my eyes, isnt inciting hatred, but the vicious, nasty things that people will say should, in my view, be outlawed in the same way as inciting racial hatred is.
  10. I'd be fucking amazed if Straw, even as head of OUSU, was able to get OTC uniform banned from all university property, given the difficulty in changing or adding statutes to centuries-old bureacracies like Oxford and the remit of OUSU. Possible, of course, but I'd like to see some evidence.

    It's also not clear from the article that the proposal includes banning phrases like "you big gay, you shag men" etc. Perhaps an over-reaction?
  11. Well lets look at some of the descriptions that we are all familiar with:
    Shot Stebber
    Tard Bargalar
    Qaiir Cant
    Bat for the other side
    Hardly embraces PC equality does it.
    :? :?
  12. Maybe so, (im playing devils somewhat) but what about calling a gay person such things to their face, with a nasty meaning behind it. I think that may be what the idea behind it is, or is that already illegal, im not sure

  13. And what in Gods name is a 'shot stebber, tard bargalar and a qaiir cant'??

    They sound like the cast of fcuking Star Trek.

    Who the fcuk wants to embrace PC equality??

    Is he a gay copper?
  14. errmm, so labour want to make something else illegal? can anyone point out to them that the mere illegality of something does nothing to prevent it? only last week kids that could previously buy tobacco quite legally suddenly found they couldn't; years of banning firearms has not exactly led to their non use, has it? and yet, i understand, berwick is still at war with russia, you can legally shoot a welshman in chester after dark, etc etc.
    i know it's parliament's job to make laws, but do they have to be so bloody keen on the job? i think it was the dutch who decided no new law could be brought in without binning 5 old ones, on that basis we'd be safe for centuries from the interfering clowns currently in charge.
  15. Me thinks Tytus just replaced the offensive vowels with other vowels so as not to run afoul of impending hate-crimes laws. Change up the vowels and it all makes sense