I Think Theyve Reached A Limit


Walking through Morrisons yesterday I was amazed to see on the shelf, clearly labelled:


What's the feckin deal wi that sh1te then?
i think it's probably something to do with the disability discrimination Act, provision for the hard of understanding.

that or they did it for shitts and giggles :D
May I refer you to Sainsbury's packs of organic mixed nuts (can you guess what's coming)

Boldly emblazoned on the packet 'WARNING - Contains Nuts'
Can I have a double Big mac with extra bacon and cheese, extra large fries and onion rings with my low calorie water please? I'm watching my weight
Well two examples I know of have been around for bloody ages.

Decaf Coffee.
Alcohol Free Beer.

Err, what's the point???
You can also get it dehydrated too.