I Think Theyve Reached A Limit

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GDav, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Walking through Morrisons yesterday I was amazed to see on the shelf, clearly labelled:


    What's the feckin deal wi that sh1te then?
  2. Well, it's certainly a true statement!
  3. i think it's probably something to do with the disability discrimination Act, provision for the hard of understanding.

    that or they did it for shitts and giggles :D
  4. Can't fault that 8O
  5. May I refer you to Sainsbury's packs of organic mixed nuts (can you guess what's coming)

    Boldly emblazoned on the packet 'WARNING - Contains Nuts'
  6. Can I have a double Big mac with extra bacon and cheese, extra large fries and onion rings with my low calorie water please? I'm watching my weight
  7. do they sell diet mars bars yet??
  8. Well two examples I know of have been around for bloody ages.

    Decaf Coffee.
    Alcohol Free Beer.

    Err, what's the point???
  9. Yes, but water is water. How do they get low calorie?
  10. You can also get it dehydrated too.
  11. It's for that special Low GI diet - also gluten free :roll:
  12. ...and fat free... :p