I Think There's A Problem With My Basic Skills Results, Any Help?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by alg999, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Hello guys last Monday I went to the Army Careers Office to do my Basic Skills exam which were the English and Maths, I did the English first and the officer said I reached Level1 then I did my Maths and I somehow got Level 3. But I remembered today when I looked at the questions I got right and wrong a whole section got skipped, because on the English one there were sections 1-5 but on my Maths it was 1-2 then 4-5. So maybe that's why I got a such a low mark, anything I can do?
  2. Swot up and retake the exam
  3. Maths will be Entry Level 3 and English will be Level 1.

    They order them as follows (from highest to lowest):
    - Level 2
    - Level 1
    - Entry Level 3
    - Entry Level 2
    - Entry Level 1

    So obviously, Level 2 is highest and Entry Level 1 is the lowest.
  4. As mentioned above, You have probably reached Level 1 in English (this is equivalent to a GCSE pass at D - G) (assuming the guy didn' mean Entry level 1) and You appear to have fcuked up on the Maths...

    Do you need to re-sit both? Or can you just do the one you biffed? I don't know to be honest, but some ACIO chaps plod around this forum so may beable to advise.

    Swot up for the re-sit and do it again. This time make sure you read the WHOLE paper from start to finish before you start answering. RTFQ and answer them all.

    Give yourself time at the end to re-read the whole question paper again, checking it against your answers.

    Keep any maths and English stuff from school... as you WILL do more. You need to have at least Lvl 2 in Eng and Maths (ie GCSE A* - C pass) in order to promote above Sgt. But I wouldn't worry about that for now. I'd guess you are able to achieve Lvl 1 in Maths if you answer all the questions.

    On the flip side, do you beleive you answered section 3 and it washn't included? If so you could ask for the paper to be checked, but I would have thought that the ACIO would automatically recheck a fail paper, or a paper that didn't attract ANY marks for a WHOLE section. I know I would. But if you ask for some clarification on section 3, ie did you just not answer a single Q or fcuk them all up would help you direct your re-sit preparation.

    Are you still in touch with school or mates from school? They may be able to help you out, or failing that LETTs self study books are usually pretty good.

    I'm feeling generous today, so by all means PM me if you want any help, and I'll see what I can do through the power of ArRSe. (I'm not a teacher of math, but I am a Royal Signals Tech and have instructed maths for such endeavours).

    (If you PM make sure you tell me on this thread though, 'cos ArRSe seems to be poorly at the mo)
  5. Theres no problems you would of got Level 2 Literacy (6 points at ADSC towards IDST) and Entry level 3 Numeracy (4 points at ADSC towards IDST) If you had only got Entry level 1 then you wouldn't of been able to go any further at that time. Nothing wrong with those scores.
  6. Don't worry, with marks like that it sounds like you are more than qualified for staff college.

    Re-take the test but make enquiries at your local FE college on appropriate courses.
  7. Seriously?

    What trades would OP be qualified for?
  8. ALL

    Edited to add as long as required academics and TST for certain trades and BARB score.....however OP INT and RE GEO assessment boards might be a bit more scrutiny.
  9. You'd be amazed...

    go on to the Technical Selection Test on the army site...

    Numeracy - British Army Website

    They do this at teh ADSC for the more technical roles.
  10. I did ADSC in the past week and I have never done any maths or literacy exams since handing my forms in (apart from the TST). Is this normal?
  11. I did my Basic Skills a few weeks ago and was told that to get my two job choices as Ammo Tech and Avionics/Electrician Tech I would need to get Level 2 on both.