I think the Iraqis are going to be fine...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by freedomman, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Looks like the Iraqis have picked up squaddie humour as a result of the past seven years....
  2. Splendid instead of a working government infrastucture schools or hospitals we give them the western gift of practical jokes
    Anyone fancy joining me in a verse of Rule Britannia
  3. You really are a cock, aren't you.
  4. No. The ladies like cock.
  5. Ricks in FP was not amused. he links to the NYT:
    Knowing the sort of "pranks" they are fond of in Iraqi run prisons I'm sure such encounters causes a few brown dishdasha moments. Iraqi humor has always been rather robust. It's nice after losing tens of thousands of dead to bearded dingbats they now find terrorism amusing. Shame we didn't think of it during The Troubles, just think Frank Carson being dragged off to Castlereagh for a spot of RUC chiropracty.

    Nir Rosen also in FP is surprisingly perky on What America Left Behind in Iraq
    Doesn't sound so bad. Freedoms march was always dangerous bolloks liable to wreck our interests in the region.Given a bit of luck it might be Lebanon by mid century. Ordinary Arabs lost faith in DC back in LBJ's day, all that's changed is the level on contempt.
  6. It could have been worse... we gave most of our ex-colonies socialism.
  7. A fair shake for the working man versus a neocon installed ruler who will execute anyone who dissents or interfers with profits.
    Yes sounds good doesnt it
  8. Ashie, by socialism, what is meant is generally meant is dictatorship and equality of misery for everyone not part of the ruling elite, not " a fair shake for the working man".

    The fairest shake for the working man (as oposed to the feckless and idle man) is generally provided by capitalism.
  9. Here ****ing here.

    Ashie, nice to see the current bunch of ***** in charge of Slovenia have slipped up:

    Mass grave of 700 people found in Slovenia - Telegraph

    after years of trying to cover up Tito's half-arsed copying of Uncle Joe's vision of rule for the common good.

    BTW, I know it's off thread but I started it so **** off moaning.
  10. Not really, how about we get some Afghans together and we can punch out a verse of the Red Flag...

    Then raise the scarlet standard high,
    Within its shade we'll live and die,
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    We'll keep the red flag flying here.

    No doubt the Afghans will remember their socialist brethern of the Red Army and all the wonderful things they introduced to the country in the years that the red flag was indeed flying.
  11. I suspect if Ashie.. was a 'working man' living in a real socialist country, his enthusiasm for 'socialism' may be slightly less than it is currently.