I think someone's in trouble...

Discussion in 'REME' started by Nige, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. 8O

    hasnt he got ginger hair??

    and what this about bordon being "elite" and can deploy rocket launchers, rifle and tanks at a moments notice!!

    oh how the press crank it up!! he was probally just trying to get his end away as we all do!!! :wink:

    no one else ever sneaked some birds back to the block!! just on the occasions i caught a foxy one, luckily they were not undercover reporters!! :D :D
  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I cant breath and my sides hurt
    Arent most REME Sgts Robust blokes with a sh1t tash
  3. I f*cking hated Tiffy cnuts at Bordon, well actually I hated tiffy cnuts wherever they are whatever the trade.... *********

    There are no armourers in hell,
    There are queers, tiffy's and Vm's,
    There are no armourers in hell.
  4. Interesting point but I wonder if you could expand on your rather narrow minded view of Artificers, :? I take it that you were graded N/S on PAAB or not upto task for Artificer in the first instant......sic. I wonder if you could provide us with your rationale for your expletives and not your unsubstantiated twaddle. :oops: I am an armourer first and fore most and now an artificer....whats the issue..................get over it.......................................
  5. Changed since I was last there then! :lol:
  6. During my service I met only 1 or 2 wpns tiffy's that I thought made the grade as a skilled armourer, most sat on their fat arses doing paperwork and worrying about what BEME thought of them and how they could create their own little empires.

    IMO there were armourers, there were gun fitters, both trades had skilled men who had mastered their trade then there were those that would never master their trade and wanted promotion over anything else, they IMO became tiffy's.

    My opinions reflect my period of service.

    You are a bit touchy aren't you...if you can't take a joke etc etc

    You are not an armourer you are a tiffy, who bites. ...I could have said
    "There are queers,radar tech's and Vm's"
    But chose tiffy because ....they are a rather insecure bunch who have to defend themselves all the time :wink:

    Sicks munfs ago I cudnt even speel artificur now I ar won.

    Calm down Tiff it's not your fault.
  7. "During my service I met only 1 or 2 wpns tiffy's that I thought made the grade as a skilled armourer"

    I'm sure they were honoured to know that they met you obviously very high standards. :roll:
  8. You bet.

    If you set your sights on anything other than the highest of standards..?

    High standards are what keep soldiers alive, low standards get people killed, it would seem you don't realise that.

    You think high standards are something to roll your eyes ?

    edited because I was being a cnut.
  9. Congratulations Armourer. :)
    Those high standards must mean that the Sun crossword completion time was regularly smashed by your good self and your cronies. :roll:
    And I bet you must have come pretty close at times to getting that nine dart finish when dwelling in your dungeon. :lol:
  10. So you met me then :lol:
  11. I'll certainly go with you on that. 8)

    armourer, you need to take yourself a little less seriously, that may be the reason you failed PAAB :wink:

  12. Bless.

    Go give Q man a reach around.
  13. Great Armourers of the Past

    Here are just a sample.

    Jockey Wilson, Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Phil Taylor, and Dutch Armourer Barney Barnaveld.

    Not forgetting.

    The Man in the Iron Mask, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Invisible Man.