i think im lost in the system ADVICE anyone

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nutter, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. back in the late days of august i applied for a transfer from my old inf regiment to a medical regiment so i could train as a medic. they share the same barracks and have the same drill night.

    its not the start of december and i have heard nothing about my transfer and am yet to be rebadged. i have chased it up with my old acting plt/sgt. who doesnt know anything as far as he can tell me its still sitting at my old coy hq, waiting to go to battalion.

    can anyone tell me is it meant to take this long, and if it isnt is there anything i can do about it so i can sort of these stupid issues such as pay and not having the ability to sign out any kit from either stores. and so i can get on with trying to get onto CMT3


  2. Nutter, go & see your PASO. He should be aware of whats happening. Be aware it can take a wee bit of time.
  3. Not that it's much encouragement, but Glasgow takes FOR AGES to clear these...

    I cleared one of these through both the sending and receiving units in days, but it took APO about five months to clear the transfer. Luckily the soldier's sending unit was prepared to pay her until the paperwork cleared.

    Yet another example of how Army personnel services supports us... utterly utterly useless! (where have I heard that before?)

    You must ensure the paperwork clears your location. It needs to be signed by both your old boss and your new boss. MAKE SURE it is not lying around somewhere! Walk it around if you have to!
  4. thats another complication my old boss is off on a biff chit he tried for the sas and failed the medical although the acting plt/sgt signed it.

    thanks for your advice both of you its good to know that this is normal
  5. A bleedin scandle more like, about time that the adminisfere got it's collective arse in gear and actually did what they are supposed to do and actually support the troops. Someone somewhere is actually in charge of the pitiful responses made at Glasgow and elsewhere. They should be posted to Helmand with immediate effect, might actually bring home what its like for them to be not paid, etc etc etc, Rant over. :x
  6. update

    1. now 17 weeks i think i wrote the wrong number in my first post still nothing.
    2. the PSI knows im transferring but could give me no estimate of how long until (seeing as he just gave me my reinlistment papers tonight i think a while)
    3. the unit im going into has no cmt places left all are taken by no shows that they cant remove from the books and new recruits who have shown up since i put my request in but they get preference
    4. i have been offered driver or driver rad op but they only have 2 places in the company left
    5. i can no longer train with my new company on weekends as they wont pay for food or cover me for them
    6. i cant train with my old regiment as i will just be a guard monkey and i was told i couldnt come back when i put my transfer in.
    7. i tried to resign and re up and was told it would take 3 months as new reg wont take me until the paper work is through

    8. I GIVE UP

    in my old regiment i was there for two and a half years i only ever missed 1 weekend i attended every tuesday night i did and passed everything they asked of me so why are they doing this to me.