I think Id like to join the PLA

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I think I'd like to join the PLA, the foods crap, I've eaten in one of their JRC's but if this you tube entry is anything to go by the fringe benefits could be pretty good.

BTB I like the song, I was looking for it. I've seen it performed in China by a PLA troupe and was impressed then.
I think it might be rather older than the caption suggests. It seems to be describing wagon trains or pack-animal trains rather than locomotives. My wife's uncle is PLA and to be honest, they don't seem that different from squaddies the world over. A bit more earnest and a hell of a lot more idealistic than ours, but with the same fascination with beer and women.

Have a dekko at this film of an Indian Army unit on exchange and see if you still fancy it. :D You've gotta love the grenade training...


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You lead me to a fascinating series of vids of the PLA doing its bit. Unfortunately none had the recruitment positive image that my original post had.

My experience of the PLA bods is exactly what you say: They are interested in Fags, beer, and women.

I met the uncle of an ex-girlfiend in London - he had quite a bad limp and told me he had got it in the Korean War falling off a T34. When I asked what he had been doing on T34 he told me that he was about to ride into battle 'gainst the Brits. His bad fall was a lucky break as the rest of his platoon where killed.
I've never come across anyone who fought the Brits in Korea, but there's an old geezer who farms nearby who fought the Turks and the Yanks. He says the American firepower was terrible but the Turks were harder - they just didn't give up until you'd killed them.

I'm tempted to say that anyone who misses their chance to fight the British Army has had a lucky escape...


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I did meet a guy in Guandong who collected commonwealth capbadges. A collection he started on the battlefield in Korea. I sent him an RHKR(V) one because had never been able to get one. Pre-internet pre-ebay days.

I had an OC in the RHKR(V) who was working in the HK section of the British Embassy in Beijing who wangled an invitation to go on exercise with the PLA. Pictures of him on ex in uniform appeared in the the Peoples Daily (or whatever the English language paper is called) and it came to the attention of the CoC. Teddies where thrown from prams etc. Didn't do him any harm, he ended up as a 1* civil servant.
By heck, it's a mans life in the PLA! They like their squibs on the obstacle course don't they? :bom: 8O That and the fire hoses :omfg: It's all a bit hardcore; I think I prefer cake and arrse. Have their course designers been watching reruns of gladiators :?
Hey, i just found out two things. First, I was wrong, it's a song about the new railway not an old trade route. Second, an aunt of my wife worked on the production team that made the first recording! Small world, even in China! I'll have to see if she can get an autograph, that fat lass has some set of pipes!
I read an article once on the PAP contingent which did UN duties in Haiti (where they got a good rep, by the way). It was a woman officer and she looked pretty foxy under the kit. Anyway, she said the main drawback was that she'd been given intensive language training as part of her OPTAG - in English! When she arrived, she found that she could only speak to the officials as everyone else spoke French.

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