I Think I Might Have Upset Someone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jimmys_best_mate, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. After all these years on ARRSE, I finally had my first internet death threat. It's a proud moment in my life and I've got a tear in my eye and a blob of pre-cum on my bellend thinking about the effort that must have gone into it. The PM is replicated here, in all of it's glory, so that everyone can share.

    My new friend has never made a post so he's obviously created his account just to PM me, which is nice.

    Does anyone else get PMs from crackheads?
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  2. I wonder who his housemaster was?........
  3. I have never irritated anyone enough to receive death threats, been called a few things.

    Curios, do you know what you have said to initiate the PM, and do the boards TOCs allow the posting of PMs other places I have been dont.
  4. I've PMed him to ask what upset him so, but no reply yet.

    If I knew I could post more of the same and see if I can drive him over the edge to having a stroke through sheer anger.
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  5. It sounds like that Septic who was babbling earlier on the gay B&B thread.
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  6. A tad touchy,isn't he?
  7. All the frustration from his repressed homosexuality has to go somewhere.
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  8. He certainly creative, using a boxcutter to sever your trachea. Must be a double black-belt Ninja Master. Or an idiot!
  9. Was the Yank called fe625sfe?

    Be a shame if he's Yank, we'll never be able to have sweaty bear sex like real men.
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  10. The one I was thinking of was 'Trout'. Why do so many Americans have such a morbid fascination with bum sex, do you think? Maybe it's something to do with all those cowboy films they watch.
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  11. I don't think he hates you that much.
    There's no mention of stubbing your little toe to death.
    No worse way to go than that.
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  12. Well, it beats my threats of undying love, devotion and marriage.

    I wonder if the PM-er is as creative with his soft-furnishings?
  13. Hey yea, I just got a similar message from a guy called fe625sfe. Same chap? the message is copied below;

  14. One board I post on a poster got so enraged over a period of a couple of years he set up a website naming his tormentor, where he worked, phone numbers every thing. He tracked down his University details, emailing his firm. Its an odd world out on the web.

    Mind you this was Jews/Palestine stuff and those guys are enraged.
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  15. At least J-B-M has 9000+ posts and has therefore earned it. You've only got 89! Why are you being treated so favourably? :)
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