I think i love my CO.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegrimreaper, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. what should i do tell him and risk ending my new career or just be a man about it and find a girlfriend.

    help please :?
  2. what??????????????
  3. the.....
  4. hell ...........
  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah(?)
  6. Are you airborne?
    Have you had the snip yet?
  8. You are.
  9. I feel for you, grimreaper. I frequently fantasize about taking my CO's glistening and strangely fluted stem in my mouth while gently tugging on his ball sac...
  10. Grim it is., What sort of help do you need..!
  11. More like gelding shears..
  12. i think you scared him off it was his (i think) first post poor bloke, he can not help it if he likes to smoke the blue veined havana. come on i am sure we can give him some good advice. no really there must be something he can do. :?
  13. Nothing that a 9mm sleeping tablet would'nt sort.
  14. Of course there is the chance that Grim's CO is female. They are out there you know.