I think i have shin splits! :@

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nubstylahrim, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Im not sure if this is the right place to post, but here it is anyways. When i walk i feel a slight ache in my shin its not pain just an ache, especially when i go up and down the stairs, i start my training at catterick just over a months time and its getting me worried, can i keep running with this and treat it aswel or will i need to take time off? cheers guys.
  2. Have you tried the search option? There are literally hundreds of threads on this subject

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Forget the search option, try something more radical and left field - like seeking qualified medical advice.
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  4. I was hoping the OP would read all the relevant threads and get to that conclusion all by himself :D
  5. Better clarify it to avoid confusion.

    Get to see your general practitioner or if theres a wait try and get a phone appointment or if there is a nearby walk in centre than even better go there.
  6. i just dont want to go to the doctors and he say i wont be able to go away for my training! i know i can recover in time, but its guna affect my fitness allot :|
  7. i didnt realise you could do that on these forums, thanks :D
  8. Better to get medical intervention now than carry on, go to your training carrying an injury and break down in the first few weeks.
  9. I just dont want the doc to think my condition is worse than it is and tell me i shouldnt go for my training because their linked with the army :|
  10. I suppose your right, it would be damn right stupid if i dont get it treated and it f**ks me up later on, i best phone up for an appoinment now! cheers for advice
  11. If the doc says you can't do the training he is saying it for a reason, not for shits and giggles.
  12. Whats linked with the army ?

    Best to be safe and get professional advice incase its something more serious and it seriously messes you up during training.

    As Cabana says if they do block your training its not for shits and giggles on their part. Its because further exercise could increase the injury
  13. I strongly agree, but im not in pain or anything its just like aching when i walk. It's been like this for 4-5 days now though! maybe i should of tried applying ice on it, but i suppose the doc is the only person to give me the best advice.
  14. Why oh why does everyone just have to have shin splints these days? I bet most of these self-diagnosing whiners think they've TB everytime they cough. See a GP the forum stethoscope is on leave.
  15. Well, stupidly i took advice from somebody to run with weight on my back, and ever since my shin has been dodgy ..so i guess i over did it, now i feel a right twat!