I think i have a Hernia!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Be-jamin91, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Title states the exact point.. I think i have a Hernia. Im getting it checked tomorrow, if im correct and i have got a Hernia, how will this affect my application??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you have an NSN number for that in case anyone else wants one?
  3. They will poke you up the bum with a large steel rod and make you sing tom jones pussycat

    Wait and see what your GP says
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  4. I'd be more worried about asking stupid questions before you have all the facts - Why not ask the doctor how bad it is? He'll be better placed than any keyboard recruiter to advise you.
  5. Haa this is serious, i cant be doing with a ******* hernia.. I've waited and trained so hard to get to the fitness im at now. I dont want to be deffered!!
  6. just wait and see what your GP says :p if not nothing you can do about it and you should feel bad :)
  7. Fair point.. I just wondered if anyone already knew how long the defer would last if i was to have a hernia.
  8. Wait til the doc has a good root around your innards and take it from there - good luck!
  9. Why dont you just wait and see what the doc says - stop putting hurdles in your thought process - it could all be pointless if you havent got a hernia - see what people are trying to say?
  10. Haa.. Cheers, Prick! Only joking. Guess will just have to see what GP says tomorrow
  11. Yesss, i know what you mean.
    I guess i just want to get in to the army so bad, i've trained hard enough and waited long enough.. So i just went into panick mode, i dont want anything stopping me from getting in.

    Cheers anyway
  12. Hey listen, we've all imagined we've got cancer or something equally serious in the wee small hours. Try not to stress too much, its probably a pulled muscle or something dead fixable ok. You're not a doctor, so let a proper doctor look at it, reassure you its probably nothing, rest it for a couple of days, rub this on it and take a few of these anti inflammatory drugs and it'll be fine. Then you'll feel a twonk for having wasted lots of negative mental energy on it eh! See doc, let us know what he/she says and then crack on and enjoy your time in the service .... Good luck, and stop worrying.
  13. I think you'll find that there'll be an internet expert along shortly to advise you that it is, in fact, a panic attack.

    And another who'll insist it's merely a mild case of the terminals.
  14. Dont worry about it
  15. If you think you have a hernia,you probably have.In my opinion,you have a hernia,(not sure if you wanted a second opinion)
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