I think I am fcuked

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kebabish, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Probably on a lost cause but, I served 9 years joining in 1987 and leaving in1996 as a full screw. I am now 38 and want to get back to a life that I felt comfortable in. Why I left is now history. Is there any hope, I am still as physically fit as when I left (in old parlance that is 9.50 BFT self measured) . I want to join again. Is there any hope or should I forget it.
  2. Get to your nearest recuitment office and have a word, if you still qualify you could be in for a very nice golden hello if you go infantry.
  3. A lot has changed that might affect your 'comfortable life' since 1996.
  4. You might be too old for "normal" service and if you are you may want to think about the MPGS. Not the excitement of the army life you were used to but at the very least you're back in again with all the same privelages of army life.
    Here's the link:


    Its a last resort at least. Good luck.
  5. If you don't want to go full-time I hate to say it but the RAF Reserves will take you up to 50 (or 55 if ex-service), considered it myself but junior old-muso said she'd never talk to me again! To fly click here!
  6. TA and RN reserves are similar

    If you have any specialist skills they may be a bonus.

    What were you when you were in?
  7. The cut off age for the TA is 43 unlike the RAF reserve which is 50 ;)

    The cut of age for all but the CAMUS if going back into the Regulars is 32yrs 11months on enlistment/attestation.

    However, you are going to need to go into a Recruiting office to get this sorted.

    An office should raise a '203' to your former cap badge in Glasgow to see if they would accept you back on, albeit on an S Type engagement.

    My gut reaction is that because you have been out for over 10 years and because you are 38 years old, they will reject your application.
  8. join TA then go FTRS
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. FTRS seems the way ahead.
  10. Depending on what cap badge/trade you go, FTRS does not always have vacancies. I tried a year ago so I could be with my hubby abroad but Manning and records said on paper that the units had full strength...eventhough in reality they didnt! Both giving/receiving units were up for it aswell!

    Just something to bear in mind. However, my TA unit always has alot going on and I do much more than my 14 day annual camp and MATTS so it is well worth considering! Always Op tours too!!