i think everyone should give some donations to this web

hi every one,

please send all donations to this web site for being so sweet to me .

i just looked at the gym section , it made me feel ill just thinking about all the hard work our troops do

in the serious section well they have spent all weeks sorting out where my messages should be posted

i have even had advise , how to cook, clean and iorn by have a maid to do all the work for me .

contact the dyslexia society to have help with my really bad english writing

been told to stop feeling sorry for my self and marry my guy lol

so everyone if you have a lonely heart dont worry because there is lots of lovely people on this web site to help you when you are feeling stressed .

if you want to send me any letter this web site will not allow it because the web site would end up crashing from so much attention.

take care
kindest regards

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