i think a trip to poland is in order lads...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chris_2oo6, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Blimey. Count me in!!
  2. fcukin gleaming,I'll have some of that.
  3. lets compare that to the UK, .... i know where i'd rather be!!!

  4. Cheers, the milk in my brew just curdled!
  5. Top totty :lol:

    I see an early grave for me if I travel there............Oh....what the hell :p

    You only die once.......

  6. Its all a con lads, they just wheel those stunners out to try and get punters to spend money in their country. I went to Poland two years ago and I was lucky to come out of it with my life! Treated like a fu*ken animal when asked by the police where I was from, "Im Irish. English!?, No, Irish" I got some stern looks I tell thee! The general populace were quite friendly though. No women to speak of, certainly none of the calibre demonstrated in that picture kindly provided by Chris_2006. Beer was alright (Zywiec) If I recall correctly and some other 'pope Beer' or something. Luckily Stayed in Prague befor heading to Poland, every woman an empress, I sh*t you not!!

    Cheers Easy!
  7. You've shattered all my illusions, there's all these Poles moving into Aldershot and I was thinking that the female population would actually improve in quality. Ah well, maybe next year!
  8. on the first plane count me in.
  9. Why did they only put pictures of the munters up?

    There should be an extra line as well. "Jealous temper rating/willingness to get medieval with another Polish Girl that chats up her English bloke" :twisted:

    Skinn , you must have gone to the wrong part.....

    But with you all the way on Prague. Mother of God there are some serious leggy beauties there.
  10. Fuck off to Poland then and take your ugly arrse sisters with you.
  11. Your not wrong there!! Found out when I got back, that the place in question (Katowice) has a gross domestic profit of about ten pence a year! The place makes Kabul look like Kensington! A girl I went to school with (of Polish decent) reccomended Krakow, Warsaw and Gadinsk for some Eastern promise. I have yet to try it out.

    Cheers Easy!
  12. You don't need to go to Poland, Poland is coming here, the girls who work in the coffee dock here are all East of Emden and would (bar one Babushka who kick started T-55s before coming here) as we say, get it.

    Obviously they'll do anything for a pair of Levis so no worries there, more Glasnost I say!

    Immagration demographics also suggest that the most forward thinking and ambitious individuals up sticks and head off when things are bad at home so it's a double win - they look great and won't start shinfing if you put them to "work". They also live on cabbage soup so cheap to keep.
  13. pomps air charter 737 in the planning phase... tickets anyone??
  14. Gdansk/Gdynea is the place to go, plenty of Totty, bloomin marvelous it was.