I thank you all..................

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 54sqnrct, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. .........for confirming that the good old British Army 'MONG' is alive and well.

    3 Topics I started..........and they got almost 2000 views!

    most of the replies were what I expected..verbal abuse/threats etc etc.......and I LOVE IT!!!!!

    The average thicko British army Squaddie is no different now to 1991 it seems.........in a way that is quite satisfying!!!! It makes me laugh to think there is still a group of Mongs all heading off down the local garrison town in Ron Hills, Desert wellies and Regimental sweatshirts all stinking of different aftershaves!

    Just remember guys.........when Mr Blair pulls you out of Iraq and you all get your brown letters......Tescos would love you to call them! There are CD's that need guarding in a supermarket near you!!! Just remember if someone asks you what aisle the washing Powder is in.....thats what you call 'Dhobi powder' ok?????

    Thanks for making my bank holiday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stag on Mongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for calling in Trog - Do come back won't you...??

  3. Typical Trog..... always up for a shoeing......
  4. No , don't encourage him Santa.

    It's been nice knowing you. Seeya!
  5. The guy must of hated the army, probably too tough for him or summit

    Good day Trog boy
  6. Was that what you got at your 6 year point? :lol:
  7. Shall we just ignore him chaps? He is a troll pure and simple. Dont give him the oxygen.
  8. motion to ban 54sqnrct from the site as he's a tit.

    MODERATOR:- please cancel his membership before he commits suicide and police find he is a tit and have to tell his loved ones he's the mong.
  10. Of course!
  11. And I can just imagine the gleeful look on your little boat-race while you were having a wänk about it!

    Sad and lonely, are you? I wonder why.

    Don't forget to pull your wooly hat down to your eyebrows, Pudsey! :D :D :D

  12. Yep he certainly is a troll and you are probably right that we should all ignore him and I had fully intended to but I've been thinking. A long time ago in NI I was attending to a (lightly) injured soldier at Fort Whiterock. I was filling those crappy army injury forms and asked the soldier to point out on the map where the incident had happened. The poor lad could not, nor could he sign the form himself and it became apparent that he was illiterate. I guess I was a little shocked but this lad who was all of 20 was on a daily basis putting himself in danger helping keep the lid on what would otherwise have been a very messy civil war. All for the modern equivalent of £13K pa. So who do I have more respect for today? I don't think 54sqnrct is fit to lick the sh1t off that soldier's shoes.
    Reading between the lines of his many posts today I think 54sqnrct finds himself single and bored on New Years Day and clearly thinks his best contribution to 2006 is pointless baiting of those still serving. I reckon he's recently got himself a job as a drugs rep and is thrilled with his new suit, company car (Mondeo?) and is actually looking forward to getting back on road on Tuesday flogging pills 'cos he has no one to be with today and he's bored with his own company.
  14. Jacques_Bustard
    you make me feel really sad for him. sniffle, sniffle
  15. Tipps - ill second your motion to get him banned - only trouble is that he might come back under some other name - while we consider the motion im going to brush me desert wellies, select an after shave, press my sweatshirt (well actually we were posh and had rugby shirts) and go and find some decent company.