I swear this isnt a wah!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by FNUSNU, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. I know aguy who was recently in the States. Whilst in a burger bar the womam behind the counter asks 'that's a funny accent, where are you from?', 'I'm from England' comes the reply, to which this mastermind burger bar woman asks 'oh right, what language do they speak there!!??'

  2. Nah she was doin a waaaahhh Mate. Truth is she was a canadian who had worked in the gag and puke at BATUS. The cnuts no all the lingo. I got told to "jog on you fcukin Remf" by some single mums daughter!!!

    Oh that hurt
  3. Languages spoken by pupils in London

    Research has revealed that more than 300 languages are spoken by children in London's schools, making the capital the most linguistically diverse city in the world. Although English remains overwhelmingly the most common first language, for more than a third of children it is not the language they will speak or hear spoken at home.

    Here's the link...

  4. I think this thread might end up in the NAAFI bar before long. Anyway, it reminds me of a story my brother in law told me...

    He and his family were on holiday, touring around Europe. In a French village they called in at a post office to see an American couple asking, in their version of English, how much it costs to send a postcard to Wales. Having no English the person behind the counter looked at them with a Gallic equivalent of the Homer Simpson blank expression. A couple of minutes of just repeating Wales... Wales? WALES? proved fruitless, so they changed tack.

    Taking a pen and a piece of paper the American man scribbled something down and handed it over the counter. By craning his neck my brother in law could just make out what was on it.

    Yes, you've guessed; he'd drawn a picture of a whale.
  5. Last time I was in America I was asked where my accent was from, I said London (I’m not but I wasn’t going to spend time explaining exactly where I’m from) and the stupid yank asked if that was on the west or east cost of America 8O
  6. Similar confusion occured with the Canadians, as it wasn't until it was explained the was a London in Ontario that a large number of conversations made sense!
  7. Ok that may explain part of the confusion, but if you throw in a very strong English accent into the equation then the stupidity factor returns.
  8. Naw, they probably thought you were from the South East, the Dakotas, Minnesota, or Wisconsin :lol:
  9. A former Yank colleague of mine and new wife honeymooned in Paris. They spoke no French at all and one day decided thay wanted to take the well-known tour of the Paris sewers. Arriving roughly in the area of the start point, they proceeded to ask for directions to the sewer tour.
    Blank looks and Gallic shrugs, followed by much amusement as the couple mimed their request for directions.
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    Don’t worry; alot of Americans do not know where Cyprus is. When they ask they automatically think its Cypress in Florida. Then they continue on with how canny I sound like an English person. That’s when I remind them I am English.

    But then I find a lot of American's have to correct the English grammar and spelling. Apparently it’s center and not centre
  11. if a septic ever gets your accent fuked up just reply to them - 'i know what you mean, all you cannadians sound the same to me'
  12. The same thing happened to my wife. We recently emigrated to Florida. One of my wife's collleagues ("co-workers") asked her, "What language do you speak in England?" This was asked in all seriousness and not an attempt at a p*ss take. Septics just don't have the subtlety for it.

    I've heard this several times now and until it happened to my wife, thought it was an urban legend. My theory is that it's just SOP for yanks to ask that question whenever they meet a foreigner who's speaking English with an accent. They're trying to be polite and seem interested. Unfortunately, very often, it's just an excuse for them to start talking to you about themselves and they don't actually listen to, or don't understand, anything you say in reply :wink:

    Still great people nevertheless.
  13. Whilst working on Ops with our cousins from over the pond, I had the following conversation with a US female officer

    Yank Bint: "Eye_spy, I put it to you that English is only the international language because of the American influence."

    Eye_spy: "No, I think you will find it is because of the British Empire"

    Yank Bint: "Oh really, what's that?"

    Eye_spy: "Check your history books Ma'am!"

    Cue confused and bewildered woman.
  14. On secondment in Texas, at a place where people should really know better,
    a female voice was heard to ask

    'What language do they speak in Italy? Is it French?'

    You really have to wonder...
  15. Eye-spy

    There may be grain of truth in what your interlocutor said, however I suspect she was coming at things from
    a different perspective.

    After the War of Independence, I understand that a vote was held in the new Congress as to what
    language would be adopted as the American standard. This was caused by a large percentage of Germans in
    America, and in some areas there still are. Anyway, the vote only went the way of English by 2 or 3 votes.

    World history might have been a tad different if it had gone the other way.