I support you.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Messenger, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. I've been meaning to do this for a while, well before the recent announcement from a General to offer support.

    Without going all weak kneed, and over patriotic I just want to say I'm right behind what we're doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Do actual serving soldiers read here? Will they read my message ?

    I regard war as a last resort. Negotiation and diplomacy should always be tried, but we live in a complicated imperfect world. If a threat exists then it should be dealt with.

    I think political correctness gets in the way of properly thanking soldiers for carrying out this task. People want protecting from Bombers in London, but then get confused when that means actual military action. I know I probably grossly simplify the whole thing, but I don't want to get too deep into the politics of it.

    So, relax, little me supports you, so at least that's something :lol:

    The Messenger AKA DJ Barney http://djbarney.org
  2. I hope this isn't a Wah, but me and the missus do too.
  3. BTW, don't do the capital B thing. Makes them feel important.
  4. I support you too.... 'hugs'... now fcuk off before you lower property prices
  5. What's a Wah ?

    The Messenger
  6. This is
  7. Double posted.

    Being a mong again.
  8. Taken from arrsepedia: -


    Verbal response to a bone question asked by a superior. Bone questions asked by juniors are dealt with differently.
    Further to earlier explanations, within the British Army, also used in response to an answer to an obvious question. This is a question that you have set the other person up to answer. Can become quite frustrating as you become paranoid answering any question in case it is a Wah!

    Steve "Is that a can of beer in your hand Bill?"

    Bill "Yeah!"

    Steve "Wah!"

    Bill "Bugger, been Wah'd again!"
  9. Well said. Next time you're doing a gig get on the mike with:
    "let's hear it for our forces overseas" or whatever phrasing you wish.

    "Big it up for the Helmand Massive" might give the wrong impression mind! ;)

    Seriously, say it at a gig.