I still own an Action Man and I'm proud of it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by simmer, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Having found myself well pissed last night reading a thread that was slagging off the airsoft brigade, I found myself wondering how many of the protagonists would be prepared to admit to still owning an action man, whilst having a pop at those who seek pleasure from wearing DPM and shooting each other with plastic ball bearings.

    Here are mine. You can come out of the closet in this thread without shame. Come on. Show us your action men!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so you like playing with dolls dressed as soldiers, are you a walt in disguise?
  3. Bast*ard,,,I wanted one but only got a Barbie & Ken (and they had no 'Bits' to play with)....
  4. Never owned a single action man mate. In my time it was Star Wars & He-Man action figures. With dangerous rather robust little weapons perfect for poking oneself (or smaller siblings) in the eye.

    Sorry to derail slightly - how many other folk collected "Pannini" '81 stickers?

    Edited to add: I do like your Para with the puttees though.
  5. I used to play with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  6. Fuck me. First reply and its abuse. I take it you secretly have an Action Man but are seeking to cover your tracks by diverting attention onto others whilst you dress him up and play with him in the privacy of your own room. Go on............admit it. You've got one but are shy
  7. My inital response was to give you grief, but thats actually kind of cool, in an odd way......
  8. Erm, yes, me. Mainly Dragon Models and DiD.

    If you want to see the hobby taken to the Nth degree have a look at the Von Abt website - they have some amazing stuff there. What's evven more amazing is that Peter Shaw, who has built a 1/6th Dora railway gun and U-boat pen amongst other things, is well past 70.

    Tony Barton's website is also excellent.
  9. Where did you get the little gats?
  10. doll-385_357104a.jpg


    I wish I had a downs Syndrome doll when I was younger. Apparently they come with super human strength
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  11. Action Man was kool. Though his facial expression was one of a chap who'd just been told that his favourite Combat Spoon had been regularly skiffed by Fat Bob, he gave hours of harmless fun to developing border-line sociopaths like wot I was. With him in my dirt-encrusted fingers, I was able to sort out the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler AND do bad things to a French convent.

    Sadly, none of mine survived first contact with a BSA .177 and liberal application of Dad's lighter fuel.
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  12. never owned an "action man" so your point seems to have ended.
    your the one who has come out, do you play with dolls still whilst grooming your victims?

    by the way this is the naafi so what else did you expect;-)
  13. Cock-all to do with this thread, but PDD, run your signature through a spell-checker, would you?
  14. When I was a young boy, it was Tommy Gunn. I just looked on ebay and those things are worth a small fortune. Same old story. I wish I knew then what I know now.
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  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    plus the helicopter, the tank and a few bits, but theyre long lost.

    so I bought myself a new one for my birthday the other year... I have a corporal hicks action figure from Aliens too...

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