I Started Smoking With The Help of These - And It Worked

Hey there, I was smoking no cigarettes a day and was not pleased about it. Then I discovered these:

Now I smoke loads and am joyously gleeful.

Also, I get lots of exercise working my upper body with coughing fits that could kill a bull.
Well done for the "Random thread of the day"!
You smoke Lambert and Scutlers



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Surely for the full-on soot on teeth experience it has to be one of these:

Capstan Full Strength
Craven A

Mark The Convict

I was unable to approach women because of the syphilis ulcers and the empty eye socket, in which I sometimes find a beetle. Now I smoke a 50-50 mix of oakum and cane toads. The toxic fumes stupefy them, and I can just walk up and drag them into the van.

The women, not the toads.
Only for the coolest of the cool:

Pipe smoking is king.
What you can't see on that picture is the rapidly approaching Nazi armoured column.

"Interrupt ones quiet time will you rotters?"

Heads off with an SMLE and a tin opener
Smoking really is for winners!



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Yeah, smoking fags is like well kewel innit?

What's an 'Ihrer Umgebung?' .... sounds like what fell oot o me erse the other night...
bunch of beefers, I kicked of on my grans senior service filterless.

You could almost smoke em in the shower and they didn't go out!!!

Dirty dirty fags, headspins and whities/greenies went hand in hand with gaffing. How the fuck I actually stuck at it is beyond me
80 Players Navy Cut coffin nails a day, washed down with a crate of Elephant beer and a litre of Jaegermeister (or underberg) apparently makes you immortal, its like embalming for the living......
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