I smell a walt....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_matelot, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Right, I'm on a civvy course at the moment. Introductions are being carried out. Mine and the pongo I'm with are carried out with not much referral to our true identity, just what role we carry out....no-one's business other than our own.

    Introductions get to an ex Sigs guy. Blah blah blah (not really listening at this stage), and WAS INVOLVED IN THE RESCUE OF HOSTAGES FROM SIERRA LEONE (the way it was worded was as if He was the one carrying out the rescue). The pongo and I stare at each other and are speechless. Do we out him there and then? Or do we toy with him? What do we do with him?

    The guy is a grade A tw@t as well......He's spinning all his BAOR dits as well.... How he was well ahead of 1Div etc etc.

    Advice please....
  2. may be in that Damien Lewis book about the op if you can get hold of it
  3. Op Certain Death?

    or the real name Barras

    Ask him the colour of the boathouse........
  4. Ask him if the name Dan Tempest rings a bell.
  5. Fez,

    Who that? Normally I wouldn't give a sh!t but it was his fcuking smug expression as he said what he had done that wound me up. I know the cnut is lying and am now determined to inflict as much embarassment as possible on him.
  6. post his name maybe I know him as I was the commander on that rescue, you'll have to be quick though cos I'm off to Iraq to sort out that little problem and the way back I'm stopping off in Pakistan to catch Osama.
  7. Ask him over a cup of tea what the village was called. If he was there, he surely would never forget it, but don't let him go away to do any 'research'.

    Then hit him.
  8. There was somthing removed from Foday Kallay, one of them ended up in the boatshed........

  9. Check your PMs mate.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ever gone fishing for carp? lay the bait then lay in wait and when you finally get a bite set the hook and wind down! or in this case wind up. I did my last posting at 30Sigs in Blandford and knew a couple of the 264 lads they never gobbed off just got on with their work. The closest I got to them when was I had some Radio kit on loan, and it bugs the tits off me when window licking walts talk boloks in this way.

    Public humiliation is the order of the day here the wounds take a lot longer to heal.
  11. His boll*cks! :wink:
  12. Is he the ginger one from Band of Brothers? I would.

    Nah, sorry, my personal walt is slippery999, who insists she used the SA80 in 1986.

    Ooh, a year before I joined.

    Is that when the WRAC were non-combatant, and didn't get bang-sticks when they joined up? Just got a pen and a "Walk in Twos" stylee thing?

    I finally got a SMG in 1988. A big girl showed me how to use it. Bejesus she was big. It was 29 Coy.

    Slips, shut it.
  13. Sorry for intruding on the Sigs thread.

    Sluggy xxx

    Editted to add: No1Cares. Talks the talk, can't walk the walk.
  14. Prime a friendly civie with some probing Qs, pref female, and watch the bollox flow! Works every time!
  15. PS

    Then tw@t the cnut!