I smell a Rat....

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ultirian, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. I dont understand how they have worked this out but I have had some dramas with my pay due to someone elses big mistakes and I was hoping I could get some sort of guidence.

    I basicly came back from some time awol (yeah im a skivfuck who run away from the army for good reasons) and basicly was back in battalion for 3 months prior to a nice little 3 month visit to colchester, very rehab very not very intresting when I got back to battalion I got a new JPA number quite possibly the Crows newest number and we established after much me sitting in fron of the clark huffing and puffing and grabbing his head saying im on pay level 3 lower (16,544.64) that was all well and good and I can dig that crap.

    Now the shit happens when I realise that I should be getting around 950 after tax and all the other things taken away from my pay I am due around that every month.

    so for the 3 months I was there I should (because I ******* earned it being a track bashing skivvi for 3 months solid) get 2850ish.. this is all fine and dandy but the three months I was there they was giving me AR payments fortnightly for:

    £20 (when I first got here)
    £130 (after one week a bill came up)
    then 4x sets of £150
    then on my month prior to colchester they were VERY genourus and paid me £400 on one fornight and then £300 on the last. oh and £30 quid for a new key to my room as I lost it and £20 to go to colly with. so all to gether that comes to £1480.

    When I returned from colly it became apparent that somone had been putting double and triple entries into jpa saying that I basicly owed the army 4 grand (I have a paystatement for this I nearly pissed myself) I phoned jpa and they said that the same person (probably the RAWO) on the same day put all the entries in. after much debate and my clark losing his rag and having a ******* pop at me we managed to sort out that "someone" somewhere had messed it up. but they said that I acually owe them half of that 4 grand. what is wrong but I was so fucked off at this point I thought I would step out and regroup.

    Basicly they have screwed my pay and quite possibly screwed me as im basicly a sprog again I think im owed £1370 and even if they did give me 2 grand (what they didnt) they still would have owed me 850 quid no?

    So I come back on the 10th july very very annoyed about the fact that I wont be getting paid to the end of the month but they did give me another AR payment for £300 (mabye they will put this in to jpa 6 times) pounds and said I would get £600 end of this month and £700 at the end of next month. they put the 600 in as a AR payment and made me sign this. now I dont know what the bloody hell is going on but I am sure I am getting a buff deal here.

    Sorry the post is so long but I aint the sharpest tool in the box and this is the only way I can explain, anyone care to throw some advice/constructive critisism this way? (also Excuse the poor spelling and grammer, Im not a infantry grunt for nothing.)
  2. were you accidentally paid / overpaid while you were AWOL or anything like that?

    oh yes, forgot to say - don't go AWOL you loser etc etc :)
  3. Seconded!
  4. Firstly has your clerk explained to you that when you were AWOL and everyday subseqently. You dont get paid. Secondly you could still have mistakenly been getting paid whilst you were AWOL.

    Threrefore potentialy you owing the army hence the NPD, and the army is not at duty to recoever the amounts at 4 days pay per month and have the right to take it out in a onner. You are only entitled to .52p a day whilst under sentence, also colly paying you money sound like a bad move unless you have debts to cover outside of your remit. So again its sounds like a you have a had a futher advance of pay.

    And clearly ballonknots like you tend to p!ss clerks off massively as they have to wipe your mongoliod arse and sort your mess out, knobber.

    Have a nice day, moral of the story basically, is dont go AWOL
  5. No not paid while I was awol at all, the day I went awol was the day I stopped getting paid. also they lost every computerised record for me becase I used to be on the old system and not the new, they/I had to build a new JPA record for me. so basicly I am almost starting from scrach. I also didnt get paid a normal wage in colly.

    So what do clarks do now? just NCO mess bills? lol.
  6. The only rat I smell is you Ultirian. Lesson from this......DON'T GO FCUKING AWOL!
  7. Get all your pay statements out and work out if there are any payments in there that you didn´t get, or are multiple entries then go from there.

    No point getting threaders with the clks, I doubt they´ll bend over backwards to help out some gob sh1te who has just come back from AWOL and Colly who is now giving them verbal.
  8. However the point is that YOU got yourself in this mess and YOU are the maker of your own mirth. It's not rocket science that YOU are the cause of your own misfortune financially. But it take it takes a clerk to sort your shatty mess out, when he could have been doing more constructive work like help out soldiers whom have geniune pay problems. So while your w@nking your pit on sports afternoon - he is probably grafting his balls to rectify the error. And If you were my soldier and said to me as a chief clerk, is that all you do is sort JNCO's mess bills now and laugh. I probably draggged you over the counter and battered feck out of you, to educate you on how many people work so hard to to sort you own mess ups. You clearly are a dullard.
  9. I've got no fucking sympathy for someone who goes AWOL. All 3 Services have got very good measures in place for people who require support be it financial or emotional so there is no good reason to run away.
  10. I can see why Bitter and Twisted has a problem with you.

    You now have a problem. The reason that you have it is because yo went AWOL. Somebody might have made a mistake because your circumstances changed due to your choices. You are now blaming other people for not getting the responses to your choice exactly right.

    How about this scenario:- When you went AWOL, so did the relevant clerks. They joined you in the walkout. That is why your pay makes no sense to you. Who is in the wrong? Who should make the most effort to sort it out?

    EDIT to add:
    Did you actually mean that? I doubt he is happy.
  11. All my time in the army I have met complete idiots who's attitude to others and lack of admin have caused everyone else grief. They are helped out where possible, and as far as they themselves accept that help. We've all met them and many units have one or more.

    What really grips my sh1t is the way that every single one of them sees everyone else as being the problem rather than face the truth and accept that they are the cause. In this case it's the clerks for not sorting out what in truth shouldn't have to be sorted out in the first place if he hadn't done a runner. In others it's the Sgt Major/Sgt/Cpl picking on them when in fact they were the only ones who needed 'guidance'.

    It's like addiction..... until you realize that you have a problem nobody can help you!