I smell a rat...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by reedmace, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Appologies if this in the wrong section, but I thought some of you may be able to help.

    An aquaintance of mine has been claiming for a while that he is ex-military; and at one time or another served in 'Army Special Forces/Intelligence'. He constantly spouts seemingly fanciful tales that he served in NI, and was kidnapped by the IRA after he tried to 'infiltrate' their ranks by sleeping with someone's wife...

    Other claims include an 'offical kill record' of so and so but with some 'unnoffical' kills to his name.

    He can often be seen dressed in military gear, carrying around a water hydration pack on his back, wearing DPM combats and occasionally brings out his little plastic airsoft guns, last week it was the P90...Apparently he also reguarly goes paintballing/airsofting with teenagers.

    He claims he was in the Rifles Regiment and can sometimes be seen sporting a shirt with RIFLES emblazoned on the back. Interesting as I was recently told the Rifles was only created last year...

    On top of that is the fact he is ginger and has his surname tatooed on his forearm; maybe that is particuarly telling, I don't know.

    I'm of the opinion that he's just read too many Andy Mcnab novels, or maybe he applied and was refused entry and has been living in fantasy land ever since. The scary thing is he has convinced a few people that he's the Rambo figure he says he is. Basically, is there any way I can confirm that he was in the army? Any chance of seeing a service record or at least some indication of what capacity, if any, he served in? He is in his mid-late twenties by the way; which itself is suspicious as if he came across the IRA in NI it would have had to have been pre-Good Friday Agrement right? Putting him in his late teens when he was supposedly 'kidnapped'...
  2. Ask him his army number
  3. Christ that's a really rubbish blag. Tell him to go and make up a better story. The NI stuff is getting old, he'd be better saying that he was the first off the chopper in Sierra Leone, on top of the fort in Afghanistan when they were being filmed by reporters, or even one of the snatch crew from Basra a couple of years ago when those two guys got busted out by the on-fire Warrior AFV. Those are far better stories and at least the timeline is slightly more realistic.

    Let's just say he is as old as 29. The province has been on a ceasefire since this scrote was 18 if not younger. How many IRA have been killed in action by the British Army since then? Doesn't really take the brains of a rocket scientist does it! If he's somewhere between 25 and 29 now, what age does he reckon he was a superduper secret assassin NI, what age does he think he did selection and how many years did he actually do? Was he the first toddler to get issued black tape over his eyes? Not only a walt, but a really stupid one!
  4. And then ask to see his NI medal with the same number etched around the edge.
  5. I don't think there's a need to ask him anymore questions.

    It's totally clear that this bloke is a gobshite!

    Stick the nut on his snotter! Then a swift size 9 in the bollox!
  6. I smell a WALT.
  7. It is pretty obvious to anyone that he could not be doing "unofficial" work because his name is tatooed on himself for a start (automatically blowing any cover). The Rifles point you made is also very valid. And what self respecting SF type advertises this, plays paintball with kids and strolls around in comat gear (that you can get anywhere these days). I would say try the military records feature on this site (I believe you pay though) and dont trust any certificates he may produce (I saw a link here somewhere to an E-bay page selling the rubbish).

    Also if he was kidnapped, how did he escape? why didnt they kill him? I hate his sort. what is his name.
  8. Yes yes yes - all excellent points.

    What I want to know is whether this hateful walt manages to pass Bleep Tests or is he another complete fcuking failure and wannabe?
  9. I do hope that wasnt an insult at my expence. I find it a tad unneccesary for that personal attack. I am not a walt and have never claimed anything about myself (a walt would have lied and claimed to have passed with flying colours first time round) But I do hate anyone who makes ridiculous outlandish claims whilst doing little more than shooting paint at kids.

    Again very unneccesary and below the belt. I expected better from a MOD, you in particular.
  10. Oh noes!!1! I consider myself well and truly put in my place.

    Come back when you've achieved something in life other than posting irrelevancies.

    Noe go out for a run. How about that for advice?

  11. Oooh get her!