I Shudder at the Thought...

One in Three Britons regularly makes telephone calls in the nude, according to a survey for Post Office HomePhone..

The thought of Tony Blair sitting at 10 Downing in his nuthins talking to Dubya on matters of import..eeewwww..
almost as frought with mind wrenching injury as Pentwyn nekkid over her keyboard stroking out responses to Lord Flasheart's insults..
I suppose one could assume that those sans clothes were indulging in a little phone sex with a paid performer at expensive per-minute rates, but, somehow I don't think so....

got to admit, though, I am guilty of this: 1 in 10 respondents to the survey admitted to wandering off and leaving the caller to talk to him/herself....
god images floating around in my head of naked people on the phone.........................

wayne rooney

can't say i've left mates hanging on the phnoe but as for those cold-callers i'm forever putting the phone down & letting them prattle on.
birdy wrote

8O The thought of my Gran ringing me in the buff 8O
we are still on about using the phone, are'nt we :?: :?: :?: :?:

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