I shouldn't have lied [about rape] says teen.

Thank fcuk ths poor fcuker wasn't named as so many are before conviction.

'I shouldn't have lied I'm sorry': Teenager is spared jail after writing to police confessing she agreed to sex with man she accused of rape | Mail Online

Still she gets to walk out of Court smiling.

Why are innocent people named and shamed in the media BEFORE trial, let alone conviction?

And why does a Human Rights Barrister claim not naming the accussed is 'unworkable'?

ictims and alleged victims of rape have been granted anonymity since 1976 to spare women from humiliation and encourage more victims to report attacks.

The law originally gave the same protection to those charged with rape.

But anonymity for defendants was withdrawn in 1988 after judges protested that it prevented police from appealing for witnesses.

Judges also said that the acquittal of a man charged with rape was enough to clear his name and reputation.

Maura McGowan, a deputy High Court judge and chief of the professional body for barristers, recently called for the identities of men accused of rape and other sex crimes to be kept secret unless they are found guilty in court.

The leading lawyer said the names of those charged with sex offences should not be released because the crimes carry 'such a stigma’.But John Cooper, a human rights barrister, disagreed with this and said anonymity for people accused of sex crimes is 'unworkable'.
I hope she really DOES get raped.
I'm a big believer that crying rape should carry the same penalty as rape.

And suspended sentences should be abolished. Utterly pointless punishment. Just send them to jail.
I'm a big believer that crying rape should carry the same penalty as rape.

The current system is like the no win, no fee insurance bollocks.

You cry rape, the system finds him guilty... innocent bloke gets banged up and is fucked for life, you walk out smiling
You cry rape, the system finds him innocent... innocent bloke walks free, but you still walk out smiling.

It's like they just say to the wolf criers - "better luck next time".

Realistically, the long term effects on somebody's life for being wrongly convicted as a rapist (complete with newspaper story with photos, sex offender's register, jail time served, criminal record, etc) are like being paralysed. You will forever suffer socially, professionally, and psychologically. The penalty for attempting to do that to somebody should be more than a simple "better luck next time luvvy".

Serious part aside...

Whoever the accused is needs to have a word with himself. ******* munter!
100% believer in false accusations of rape to receive long prison sentences.
Makes you wonder about all the liberal types who say not enough rape trials end in conviction. Its cases like this that make me think the system works fine. Even our slightly rickety one.
I know exactly how her sharp chin would feel against my knuckles. You'd have to tow it away on the trailer hitch, because I'd never get that unconscious piece of fúck meat dead lifted in to the van.
Come on troops, just look at the photo, you wouldn't have to rape her. 20 Richmond and a £5 pay as you go card. Job jobbed.


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Wasting police time? Is she not being investigated for that?

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