I shouldnt have... but I did

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stained_Eligius, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tees/7002627.stm

    I stole this link from Current Affairs. Although I eventually agreed with the sentiments expressed by others over there I'm afraid that my first reaction was an instinctive out-loud laugh. On a certain level (my level obviously) I was thinking: 'where is the problem? She is disabled... and dying'. I mean, if he'd done all that stuff to a corpse it wouldn't have the same impact. In fact I wouldn't have found that at all amusing - this is though. There is something very wrong with me I reckon...
  2. A spaz to lagg on is a gift from Jesus himself.

    He should be interviewed, a superb mind..... Spots a disabled person, dying in the street and his first thought is to p1ss on it :D
  3. Did he get it on Youtube? - I p1ssed myself when I saw it on teletext.
  4. MDN,

    Was that you in the allotments - pissing on the raspberries?
  5. One would hope an amateur director of the year award from Youtube

    btw - do you think that the family might take bid on the pack of laminate flooring?
  6. How did the Prosecutor know if this was the last thing on her 100 things to do before she dies list and the young man just obliged her giving her some closure.

  7. Senator, don't p1ss down my back and try and tell me it's raining.!

  8. It should have set a president in law.

    All disableds fitting in the streets are to be lagged on by all and sundry.

    Why are the family creating, its not like she was any use to anyone?

    If the jet of p1ss that struck her had cured her of all disabilities would he have had charges brought against him, or would he be taken on a tour of spaz homes and made to empty his bladder on the broken people that live there.
  9. Yeah. Very funny.

    Another candidate for the death penalty in my opinion.
  10. Why?

    Its only the same as p1ssing up a wall, both have the same IQ, and I'd argue that the brick wall was more usefull.

    I think the laggers mind should be investigated, he didn't steal from her, he didn't rape her, he didn't do anything other than think 'Ooooh theres a dying wheelchairer, lets swamp on it'

    Big and clever, give him a full pardon
  11. You'd kill someone for doing that? And will sir be having his totalitarian over-reaction boiled or fried?
  12. Urinal sorts of trouble now.
  13. Exactly. If I were to die tomorrow, one of my last thoughts before the veil fell would be, 'I am going to die without ever have had water sports. Is there any chance a lone samaritan is going to come along to swamp on me in my last moments?'
  14. So this guy found someone dieing in the street and he decides "I know lets humiliate her for a cheap laugh", cnut, I hope he gets several years for this. At least if he had called an ambulance she may have had some pain control admininstered.

    Not funny IMHO and the rest of you are normally fast enough to condem hoodies yet this is funny because a mental patient is the victim, take a long hard look in the mirror

    rant off

  15. Whats not funny about a stream of p1ss bouncing off the forehead of a head dobber?