I should be more grown up but.....

I can only agree. People who display this increasingly not-so-rare condition (I'm sure some of them put it on a bit) should be correctly accounted for and evenly distributed to all major operational units as entertainment between CSE shows. It's a serious condition, obviously, but f*ck my red arrse if it isn't funny.


If you chuckle, giggle, or even so much as a tiny guffaw, you're going to hell.

edited due to crap grammar between swear words.
I've had the pleasure of meeting John at his place of work. A very nice chap. I was warned off before I got there so had some idea of what to expect. I was absolutely cacking myself before I met him, didn't want to laugh out loud, but should'nt have worried as he has a laugh with it. His favorite word is C*NT by the way, or it was on that day.

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