I Shot Myself - advice needed here

Unbelievable day. I sh*t you not, this is entirely true.

I recently ran a job advert for a promotions job in the business I run. Today I receive an email from a female has already done volunteer work here whose CV meets all the criteria, along with 20 others applicants. But she includes on the covering email the fact that she has developed unique experience as a photographer on an alternative porn website. (WTF is alternative porn?) She tells me the site she is on isWeb Page Name where all the girls photograph themselves. So in the interest of recruitment research off I go and sure enough she's there in the Free Tour section complete with shaved pussy shot.

It might seem blindingly obvious to many what I should do but in reality What do I Do?



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That's quite the dilema
Employ her, she can do the job, that should be your only criteria. and she can take photos at the firms outing

Got an other positions going????????????
Eugh - just had a look at the sight! Should have closed it but it was like car crash tv - I couldn't look away!!!
Too many ginger pubes!! 8O 8O

Seriously though, if she can do the job, and fits in with your company what is the problem? At least she told you herself in advance!
Will your clients/customers be offended by it?

Fingers crossed though she wasn't the one pouring milk down her, or the one tying herself up! 8O 8O 8O
Ignore website and go through recruitment process as normal. Then, when you have given her the job, tell her about your hobby as amateur cameraman and then do her when in a suitable pose.
i just had a quick peek ... in the interest of finding out more obviously ...

if she is ANY of those girls she had better be working for you by THIS weekend ...

and her photos better be in the gallery by NEXT MONDAY

aptly name web site ... i just nearly shot myself aswell :D
Part of my dilema is, why did she tell me? She would know by telling me and providing the link I would have a look. Is she really a teasing scheming bitch who, once she has the job declare she's a lesbian or something. I've spent the last few years being very careful to avoid anything that might be interputed as sexual harrassment and then I get this.
Maybe you should explain to her that although she has all the skills you require for the job her hobbies do not reflect well within the company. You are grateful to her for her honesty, but unless she can guarentee this will not become common knowledge, for the sake of the company at this time it would be best not to employ her.... then again.
She has obviously recognised the Hetro Tiger in you and wants you to do her up the wrong un over your desk, what you waiting for? :D
Got to go now for the weekend but I look forward to the studied and balanced advice of my fellow Arrsers before deciding to at least get her in for an interview next week.
As long as its legal , what she does outside of work is her own business. I suggest speaking to an employment lawyer to check on any legal problems associated with you not hiring her because of her "hobby".


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Tread carefully because she has exposed something, in the legal sense, that places you both in a difficult position.

You, as an employer, are in a position of power and influence over her, as an employee. Therefore it could be viewed that she has made this offer from a position of weakness.

She has, however, made sexual overtures toward you; who is also an employee of the business. This can be construed in certain circumstances as harassment.

You need to consider whether you can work with a woman who is so open with her sexuality? If you do not see this as an issue then perhaps you should have a frank discussion about private life/work life conflicts and explain that the two must not conflict, i.e. She must remain professional.

Assuming that you can both handle this as mature adults on an equal footing and agree ground rules keeping in mind her position as a person of lesser power in the relationship you can then tie her hands to the desk drawer handle and do her up the council gritter.
Legally speaking, not interviewing her because you are aware of her extra curricular activities might leave you in danger of discrimination toward her sexual preferences (Sexual Orientation Act 2000/3).

Morally speaking, wtf!, get her in the office pronto, even if she does have a faint whiff of bus shelter.
Runawayyyyyy!!! You'll open Pandora's (and probably this woman's) Box by employing her and you know what happened when Pandora's Box was opened last time ... "evil and mistrust flew out into the world"!!!!
FFS, my candidates now belong at Shortys ranch afer viewing this.
Oh and Flowers... the pubes can be shaved away and her upper thatch would be covered with the gimp mask so no worries re the ginger thing 8O :wink:
If you think she's the best candidate, before you offer her the job, ask her if she thinks what she has done in the past might reflect badly on you or your company. If you're not happy with the answer, just thank her for her time, you'll let her know etc. etc. but you have other candidates to see.

To be honest, although I only looked at the homepage, it doesn't exactly look like she'd be blowing midgets or anything. The degree of nudity is really not too bad. Imagine the genders being swapped and then consider the probable percentage of members of the armed forces that have gotten themselves naked in public for a jape. (I'm not talking of the 3 Para Mortars legend but naked bars, streaking, skiffing, curling one out, mooning, teabagging drunken bezzers passed out on the sofa and other such comedy acts.) Look at it this way, if those photos were of blokes, they'd be nothing more graphic than that which is faced by some at a photo developers after your average rugby tour.

on the other hand, there is a time and place for you to explain to your missus what you're contemplating- it's called a death bed.
crabtastic said:
teabagging drunken bezzers passed out on the sofa.
Would you like to elaborate on that comment crabby. It's not something I've done in the past. 8O

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