I Shook Hands With A Digger On The Wrong Side Of The World

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by IrishGuard, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Beccy Cole wrote this song in response to letters she received from anti war protesters, after she had made a two-week visit to Australian Servicemen in Iraq over Christmas and New Year.

    One fan, an anti-war protester, said that he had taken her poster off his wall and wouldn't be listening to her music any more.

    Here is Beccy Coles' reply.


  2. See also "It really is better downunder" post.
  3. mmm catchy good on her!
  4. :oops: I did do a Search before I posted this - honest I did.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Beccy Cole played last Christmas to the Diggers and us Brits in Iraq - and she was very good indeed. In fact their version of a CSE show was excellent all-round - they did two nights, so everyone could see it, performing outdoors in the freezing cold (and they'd just come in from Oz inDecember).

    Good on her - another example of the Aussies supporting their Troops far better than we do, I'm afraid.

    Edited to add: they also had Bessie Bardot as compere (and awful singer). A very lnice lass indeed:
  6. cannot find it, which forum?
  7. Good for her, standing with the Diggers rather than the Hippies
  8. I don't care if she bayoneted ten chogies and head butted Tony Bliar. Country and western "music" is an abomination. The Aussies should have got one of the Minogue girls or the chick from Rogue Traders instead.

    Just how popular is C&W in Aus/NZ anyway?
  9. Nice tits Jenni!! I think you missed the point.
  10. Nice to see someone supporting the troops. Good for her.
  11. Unfortunately, very, especially in the wopwops, but then so is incest, so no real recommendation. 8O
    Ex Bootneck living in NZ, BTW. Been lurking for a while, usually post on 'another' place.
  12. I quite like this tune.

    My music tastes range quite a fair bit. Basically anything that I like, I like. Sometimes only one tune ever from a band.

    Good on her for going out to the troops, and of course sticking by them.

    It would have been all to easy just to let it slide, but she pens a tune that shoves it in the face of her "fans" who told her she was so bad for going out to the boys.

    And the message, "I'd rather be a poster girl for the boys in Iraq, then you" mint.
  13. I'm not crazy about C&W either G-medic, but at least she's supporting them right?

    The others could have done it if they wanted to.