I see trouble ahead

The Court of Appeal release some men who were incorrectly convicted.

Mr Justice Davis slams the Office of Fair Trading.

The Assistant Coroner Walker savages the Ministry of Defence - justifiably in my opinion.

The 'Stalinists' are not going to like this. Brown simply cannot take being argued with. The stuttering clown Straw will most likely take to the air waves to 'explain' everything. The nincompoop Jaqui (!) Smith will grin and grimace and promise legislation.

I am assured that The Lord Chancellor - (sorry Bliar got rid of him) -,
The Lord Chief Justice - ,
the Prime Minister (he will be furious) -,
not even Her Majesty The Queen can dismiss a High Court judge. I am told it requires the intervention of The Almighty or an Act of Parliament.

Therefore, the one who is in the firing-line is the brave Mr. Walker. Whilst he is spared the hatred and revenge of the purveyors of the politics of envy and malice, may he continue to hound the hapless Ministry of Defence and insist on answers and explanations and not excuses.

(As I said in another thread, Ainsworth has now blamed the Army for tactical errors and lack of SOPs concerning the death of the RHA captain).


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I take it the hangover hasn't kicked in yet!

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