I see the Special Relationship is in good hands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr._Average, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. We will end up sucking Obamas just as Tony the tiger did with Bush.
  2. Excellent :)

    At least Obama seems to realise what a tw*t Brown is. Hopefully it will tip him over the edge and he'll retire to the Embassy and use the Mess Webley.
  3. Its all a tad embarrasing really isn't it?
    In living memory we have gone from being the most powerful nation on Earth to being snubbed by the colonials accross the water.
    Perhaps if we weren't represented by a one eyed, trouser swamping, communist, inept, un-elected, dishonest, thieving lunatic then we would be worthy of a little more respect around the world
  4. Who are we talking about here, I'm confused?

    HRH Prince Charles
    Rt Hon (sic) Gordon Brown MP
    Peter Mandelson MP
    All the House of Lords
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Would any of you want to be seen with Gordo 'everything I touch turns to sh it' Broone? No. Good drills from the Man who walks on water (supposedly).
  6. I'm not sure, but I'm starting to think the Jagman is that bankrupt drug dealing Irish bloke that runs the Guido Forkes website.
  7. Sadly it seems more likely that he will try and take us all with him before he goes :(
  8. I am not :D
    I am nothing more than Mr Joe Public, an average bloke on the street. As it happens I am average man on the street with plenty of time to surf the internet, thanks to Mr Brown banishing boom and bust I have only one days work this week.

    As for the options above, only one of them has one eye. There is nothing remotely hounourable about the cnut either!
  9. Politically, Obama's closer to the Tories than to the type of hard line socialism espoused by Gordon. He does not want to associate himself with the disaster Broon has created in the UK. Particularly as our Dear Leader never stops telling us that the Yanks are to blame for the mess.

    In addition, Obama's nobody's fool. He wont allow himself to be blatantly used as a prop by politicians who are trying to salvage their careers.

    Can you blame him? Look at what Dawn Butler, MP for Brent did. She had her staff write a cheesy product endorsement on parliamentary note paper then photoshop Obama's signature onto it. Unfortunately, they mis-spelled his Christian name in the first published draft, thus giving the impression that the President of the United States can't spell his own name.

    Even government departments have been talking about Obama's 'stardust rubbing off on Gordon'. The leader of our country is behaving like some sort of obsessed stalker and it's getting embarrassing. Just look at the cartoons that are appearing in OUR papers:-


    I had to feel a twinge of sympathy when I saw this picture though. His plane had just landed. He'd taken his tablets and checked the seals on his incontinence pants. Last thing was to get his make up done by the artiste who flies with him. Unfortunately, his efforts were for nothing as St Obama declined to meet him off the plane and sent a flunky instead.

    Oh dear Gordon. All made up and nowhere to go? The president was, apparently, busy in a meeting with the Boy Scouts of America. FFS Gordon, take a hint will you?

  10. They never learn. You celebrate success after the event, not before. It remides me of Kinnochio allowing everyone to infer that his election victory was certain and he was planning his government, a few days before he lost the election.
  11. This visit seems to being spun,in the hope that it will enhance Bruin's standing at home.After chartering a BA aircraft to fly to a US military base(at what cost to you and I),it appears that the trip may not be as positive,as Bruin hopes.Instructively,the bus carrying the proles away from the aircraft,was furnished by 'Adventure Tours Inc'.

    How will Bruin explain to Obama,how Blair cosyed up to a replublican,but now all in the garden is rosy,with NuLiabor and the Democrats?
  12. Didn't you mean Brown and New Labour? :roll: All you do is trivialise your post and turn it into a joke. Just say it as it is- Brown, Blair, New Labour etc
  13. Well.That's certainly a point view.I do regard Bruin as pretty trivial!

  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Why use 'New' when describing the Labour party then? There is no such party as New Labour. If you are going to use irrelevancies regarding the name of the party what is the difference in using Bruin? Small minds methinks.