I see that the USAF has instituted a new training regime for it's enlisted troops.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Schaden, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. Thats class
  3. Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training. BEAST

    I know lots of RAF people who need a double dose.........
  4. you mean the beast with two backs
  5. The RAF have a similar course, its all about upgrading your room to a suite in a 5 star hotel

  6. **** me. All that and there is still no word that the trainees actually fire their weapon and conducts basic rifle qualification. One would think that would be a useful skill to teach the fledgling airmen, no?

    In my day in the Army it was a subject for a week's worth of instruction being marched (early) to and (late) from rifle ranges by shouty men in Smokey the Bear hats and shown how to zero one's rifle and become a dealer in death one 10 rd magazine at a time. Happy days. :cool:

    The idea of BEAST week is a good one. Living in tents, dining on MREs, and performing security and mounting patrols in full battle rattle will give the new airmen some idea what we dogfaces have to do on a regular basis. For many of them that will be their only taste of the real world for their entire career. (sigh) :nod:
  7. Why is he wearing a smokey bear hat? I thought that was a USMC thing? Or do army and navy instrutors wear it too?

    I like the idea of carrying the rifle around wit them though.
  8. The Army uses the "Smokey the Bear" hat to identify the drill instructors. The Air Force and Marine Corps follow our example. The Navy doesn't have a special hat to give to their RDCs (Recruit Division Commanders) to wear to set them apart. They are given red lanyards to wear on their left arm and a pocket badge to put on the front of their shirt below the left pocket instead. (The men being inspected in the illustration are learning how to be RDCs. They wear blue lanyards to show that they are still under instruction.)

  9. Weapon handling like this? - only on a course run by people who fly aeroplanes.

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    *Sigh* :threaten: More work to do here I see. :-x
  11. The Campaign Hat, Model of 1910 has been worn by US Army Drill Sergeants since at least the 1960's after going out of general issue in 1941. I believe USN Instructors wear normal CPO headgear.
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    Only if the RDCs are Chiefs {E-7 & E-8}. If they are lower enlisted (E-5 & E-6), they wear the Dixie Cup (aka Squid's Dog Bowl) . See my post #9 above.

    Because of the changes wrought in Navy enlisted wear in the last two years, there may be a change in hats for DIs, but I have no definitive word on that.
  13. Im not sure about that either
  14. It would be really weird to see USN instructors wearing Campaign Hats as the navy has no tradition of them, but then I thought it weird when I saw female DS wearing white Australian style slouch hats back in 82.
  15. I guess you mean this guy:


    I don't remember seeing it in white, but it could have been a different order of dress. The only ones I saw were green however.

    There were no female drill instructors when I took boot camp. That came later. You can see them now at "Relaxin' Jackson" (FT Jackson, SC) where the CS and CSS MOSs receive their training. "Tooth" arm MOSs tend to have male only cadre and that is what we had. FT Leonard Wood (Little Koera) (where I did my time), FT Polk (Little 'Nam, FT Puke, et. al) FT Benning, FT Knox were all famous for male DIs. Man for man I'd stack my guys against the Marine Corps anyday as being tough no-nonsense kind of guys.