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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Goatman, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    .... wives whose other half is away doing what he does....Not sure how a Brit version would read ...ruder and more cynical I'd think ! ;-)

    W.A.T - Wives Against Terrorism

    The Top Ten rules for a Marine Wife

    1. There is no Whining!
    2. I am "Always Faithful" to my Marine.
    3. Midol? I think you've mistaken me for an Air Force Wife.
    4. Deployment is my duty too.
    5. I serve my Marine.
    6. I know Freedom does NOT come free.
    7. Yes, The word "Hardcore" was in my wedding vows.
    8. Who needs a cake cutter when you have a Ka-Bar.
    9. I will promise that my cooking is always better than an MRE.
    10. When you come home Marine, Your ASS is Mine!

    ...not sure if they'd do a less gung-ho version for Brits...link here if you're interested ...

    If half your heart is in Iraq, hope it comes back soon.


  2. What would a wife do with her marines ASS 8O 8O

    :twisted: :twisted: thoughts spring to mind :lol:


    edited for mongy spelling
  3. I think that cabbage-head's wife is mistaken

    1. C-H wives always moan
    2. Can't spell faithfull
    3. Milo, my favourite drink
    4. Deployment means peace and quiet and a rest for my arse
    5. I serve my mairne (and his mates)
    6. I don't know what freedom means
    7. Yes I was in that hardcore film, the one who looks as though she argued with a frying pan
    8. Who needs a cake cutter when you have a glass cutter to go out robbing
    9. I am a different type of bag, that can cook
    10. When you come home, dont make a noise, I have a headache
  4. OUTSTANDING - you missed out "OMO is my brand of choice"