I saw this and thought of arrse


Kit Reviewer
No, I'm Ozzy Ozbourne !

I notice on the first link the animation was by none other than...... Lippy !
Now we know how those long winter nights just fly by Lip.
I'm Boris Yeltsin
I'll be a Boris Yeltsin then.
I worked out how much I have spent roughly and I have to add 5 Grand to there estimate it didn't even give an option for Vodka redbull chasers or Games like Jacks and Max/General.


Book Reviewer
Er....I lied too ( underestimated) .... Feckin' 'ell Sharon....where's me quad bike ? :lol:

Good quiz that...
Homer Simpson 8O :oops:

and I could have bought 0.06 of a Ferrari with the money.


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