I saw a future statistic yesterday

The weather was shoite here yesterday so I took my car to work rather than the bike. On the way home I encountered a biker who was working as a courier (you could tell by the huge luggage covered in the companies logos).

Now I would generally accept that couriers are often among the best riders out there - but this bloke wasn't. He was all over the road, particularly on one very busy roundabout where he almost managed to ride his bike under my car. Now bear in mind the fact that I ride most days and so am extra careful and sympathetic towards riders. Had I not been concentrating, and taken avoiding action to compensate for his apalling riding, he would have been involved in a medium speed crash and possibly gone under my car.

I genuinely hope not but I cannot help but think that this individual's choice of carreer was not one to which he is ideally suited and is likely to see him end up as a statistic in the near future.

Does anyone on here have experience working as a bike courier and if so, what criteria do they use when employing new staff. I would suggest that someone who has literally just passed direct access at the minimum age and with no previous driving experience might not be a safe bet in this field! (Of course he could have been an experienced rider who was working a second job and half asleep with exhaustion- but thats just as bad)
Limited experience of this, and not personal, but a mate who is an ex-PSNI bike cop got a job as a courier no probs. He tells me it depends on the individual firm vis a vis how fussy they are. One example I know of is a (recently deceased) local loony who had a string of motoring convictions stretching back 20 years. He was interviewed a.m. and was delivering that afternoon.
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