I saw a FANY today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by putteesinmyhands, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Perhaps not a particularly illuminating topic, but as I've never seen one before, I thought I'd mention it.

    At first, I thought she was a WW2 re-enactor, kitted out as an ATS girl, then I noticed the FANY shoulder flash. Thoughts of Poppy came to mind (was that you?).

    High heels and a mahoosive metal badge on her breast (she probably had two - breasts, that is - but my attention was drawn to the badge). (The high heels were on her shoes, incidentally).

    She was soliciting on a street corner - you know, that one that leads from Sloane Square towards (ex) Chelsea Barracks - but I didn't see what charity she was collecting for as she was too distant and I was in a hurry.

    Perhaps if she's there tomorrow and I've got a couple of quid in my pocket, I'll give her one.
  2. Could put some money in the pot too :p
  3. Sharp left off Piccadilly underpass into Shepherd's Market. Ten poun no Lubber.
  4. So there's more than one FANY out there, then?
  5. Is it Chelsea Flower Show already? We collect for (I think ) ABF there - wasn't me - the metal badge on chest is usually wings...........
  6. Aww i thought you made a typo in the title
  7. If you come to the curry night in Putney next month, and Poppy does her stuff, the pub should be full of FANY. Who could resist?
  8. Wings you say? ........ Bro.... best not :oops:
  9. Wings? It isn't Legs is it?
  10. French parachute wings - some of the girls have done the course at Pau
  11. a bloke in my TA centre mrs in in FANY, not that attractive though
  12. Thats nothing, I'm surrounded by cnuts here.

    Is that taxi for me?
  13. my department at work is actually full of fanny,
    wait, why am i leaving again?
  14. I work at a University. Nothing unusual for me.
  15. They came to visit us on Joint Venture 2006. After sitting round all afternoon waiting for the "large group of TA nurses", I have to say it was one of the biggest disappointments of my decade of service.