I remember when....Tour stories

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ugly, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator


    Sounds about right to me, I'll ask my father in law as he was an oggie!


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    Do you still get hairy palms in that OP?
    last there in 83, phew what a hot summer, we took over from 1BW at Macrory park where the rpg took out the pig, remember the jock with only one knacker?
  2. Hairy palms and sticky hands my friend :) . We all know what the fire buckets were for!! Mind you, that sanger had some of the best views in the Province from time to time. :lol: :lol:

    I was at NHSM,but I well remember the RPG attack. Don`t remember the Jock with one knacker though(got a name?). I`m still in touch with one of the lads who was in the Pig.
    Cheers. :lol:
  3. Yeah,I think most of the CONCOs were RHF,but cant say I remember the specky one. We also had the "odd" platoon from them supporting us.

    TAC HQ(where the sanger was) had two grenades thrown over the fence by ye local players,they exploded in the area just to the rear of the front sanger,near a fcuk off a sign saying "DO NOT STAND IN THIS AREA"( Our CO,Bn 2IC, RSM et al had a photo taken in this area,some time previous 8O :oops: ).

    Anyway the Immediate QRF were from our supporting "weegies".The full screw deployed his lads from the portacabins in TAC HQ, He surveyed the scene and then decided all was well,so back to the portacabin they all went ,to get some more sleep. Class! 8O :oops: :lol:

    They were disturbed several seconds later by our irrate RSM :twisted: 8O , and swiftly redeployed to the scene of the incident. 1RHF!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    As you can see below i`ve managed to find a photo of said sign and Bn HQ hofficers,and also our platoon, Jonesy is standing at end of third rank on right,next to a pig,as you look at the photo.


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  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    1 RHF dead funny fellas, we visited them in germany Jan 82 prior to them being posted west! Your RSM had a real hard rep, dpm pacestick cover and shirts KF under iniba. A loon. Your lot we took over from also had the chip shop shoot out with the knife weilding robbers near kellys corner if I recall! One poor jock had nothing but stoppages or so the report read! The best bit about Macrory park was the pissed up bints stopping in the gate funnel for a slash after a night out on the Rocks! We had a Cpl from yours in our training company in shornecliffe. Little fella mac!
  5. The RSM from back then is now a Retd Major and Assist Reg Sec;I remember the DPM pace stick cover,he also had one made from NBC suit material too! Which you can see below.Whilst in W Belfast 82/83 he deployed the QRF at TAC HQ,so that he wearing his coveralls could repaint the big rusty, paint bomb smeared gates that opened up onto Springfield Road in (Regimental) Oxford blue.Thus in a vain attempt to show the locals that if they should be so daft as to join 1BW they would find themselves living in a world covered in Oxford blue paint ..........a few hours later the gates had been paint bombed again!! (We even painted the insides of sangers Oxford blue,for the hand over 8O )

    Rumour had it that he (RSM) wanted to march the Bn down the Falls at the end of the tour,led by the Pipes and Drums. Needless to say it got a big KB from higher up the chain of command.

    Oh yeah,and KF shirts under INEBA were very comfy and the height of fashion back in 83! :D We were still doing the same in South Armagh in 85/86,but we were allowed to wear norrie shirts if we wanted too,luxury! :D

    The chippy incident was on about the third day of the tour (Christmas 82), there were a number of "bandits" weilding matchettes,who were in the process of robbing the chippy.Unfortunately for them,they ran straight into a brick of quite nervous and slightly trigger happy jocks. One of the "bandits" didn`t get any Christmas presents that year,or any year since.

    1RHF were at HEMER just down the road from us. We heard a tale that some of them had sewn a jock to his mattress and thrown him out of an upper story window somewhere in the camp.......ouch! 8O

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  6. Guid photies Jonesy, a' mind wee Ronnie weel at Sandhurst, he was a C/SGT in Victory College.
    Broke his pace stick during the inter-college pace sticking competition! Glad to learn he did well.
    BTW was that Halford-MacLeod originally a Queen's Own Highlander?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Jonesy our support came mainly from the D&Ds which was wierd to be taking over a sangar from your next door neighbours cousin!
  8. WEE Ronnie, some guy eh?? He got in some trouble last year for speaking up against FAS/FIS, and was invited to an "Interview without coffee." Even appeared on the BBC TV national news,speaking up for all Regts under threat etc. Known him all ma adult life. Mad as a fish though!! :D IMHO its disgraceful that the likes of TCH/ECAB/PoD :twisted: (anti Jock fcuker) can do that to someone who has served for more than 40 years, both active and retd. TCH :twisted:

    As for Halford- MacLeod I don`t know if he was originally in Q.O. Hldrs.(Think his son is in BW now). I can tell you that in W Belfast circa 83 he mostly wandered about the place with a fcuk off cigar in his mouth, and was often seen carrying his wee terrier dog under his arm.This to the sheer amazment of the local populace.Especially when he started to remove the winnets (dangleberries) from the wee dog arrse! 8O :D
  9. We had some support from them too .Weren`t they at Ballykinler??
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes they were, recalling the OC of Whiterock BW who walked the turf lodge with no more than a thumb stick, our B Coy OC bottled and wore a 9mm in a holster! Mind you they were like keystone cops!

    Good bunch of carrot munchers the D&Ds into running in a strange way but always used to wind up our coy 2 i/c They named him Capt Schermully. AA were his initials. Usual crap from him, on a lift outside of the tgt address (during the supergrass lifts, robert lean etc) and calls in for wheels, his response was the wheels are already there, you are in the wrong location." F*ck me!" says I pulling my size 11 BCH out of "the wrong door and drags yon tgt out of kitchen " I must have the wrong mick as well!" Never mind nicked him anyway and AA was as on tgt as a Yank Bomb aimer! We heard from our 2nd Bn that whilst he was stagging on as ops officer he demanded a call sign abondon its hot pursuit, (gunmen were in vehicle in sight) and send a proper and full sitrep! What a clown!

    On Ex in BAOR I fucked with his mind by explaining that I didnt draw the optics for the MAAW as they werent boresighted (more likely too lazy and something else to clean!)

    I gave him my best Cornish grunt "SORR wuz I sposed too?" I'd rather the career blocked mong thought I was thick than jail me!
  11. OC WHITEROCK BW. Sounds like "Hesh Head" me thinks.Another one who is/was mad as a fish :lol: His old man was Col; of Regt and died whilst we were on that tour.

    I remember a multiple from the D&D getting bumped on the Falls,virtually opposite the SF office.Its was dark o` clock and the whole multiple went down the one road......ie The Falls(Clonard) with no sateliting bricks. BOOM :!: We were in the breifing room at NHSM at the time, I/we initially thought it was either one of the sangers or the main gate that had got zapped.

    We flooded the area,and it turned out it was a command wire IED that had been placed inside a derelict cinema up the Falls,several hundred yds away from NHSM. The full screw in charge of the lead brick took a lot of the blast.He had a week or so to do in our TAOR before going back on promotion and a store job. Poor bloke DOW a week later.

    On my previous patrol of that day (mid-late afternoon) I/we had passed that cinema.I still occasionally wonder how long the IED had been in position for.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I remember him, his team stagged on at new barnsley, my neighbours cousin was one, he topped himself a year or two later, depression apparently!
  13. Sorry to hear that!

    While we are on the subject.Your lot had either a lance jack or a full screw,dark swarthy type.He was on the advance party and had a tattoo on his neck,it was a swallow I think. What happened to him??
  14. "Hesh Head"

    Oh god the stories you could tell about that muppet...I last saw him lurking about 51 Hld Bgde HQ yabbering on about wombat...
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes I know exactly who you mean, he ended up in our c coy. A complete tool, his reknown was his other half had a rep! That swallow was the only tattoo he had, he was also soft a shite! I've been looking through the tour book and I cant pick him out at NHSM or Tac HQ. Most of the lads brewed up a tashe during that tour! Mac rings a bell Possibly Mac Maclaren he was a posing useless tool in D Coy Oc rover group! Fergy Ferguson was the RHF CONCO at Macrory Pk