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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Miss_D, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. I had a letter through the post this morning informing me that my entry has been deffered for a year due to the hairline fracture I recieved on the 1st May 2006.

    [marq=right]'After considering the information given, I regret to inform you that because of your the fractured radial head (elbow) May 2006, you are below the minimum standards for Army entry.
    [marq=right]current medical guidlines indicate that your application should be deferred until one year post fracture with full function re-gained.
    [marq=right]I understand this is a dissapointment....... blah balh blah.'

    Needless to say I am absolutely distraught.

    The fracture (in my personal opinion) has long healed, I am able to place full body weight onto it and recieve a considerable amount of shock to the joint. I have had no pain whatsoever from the joint for over 6 weeks and have been using it to lift considerable weights in the gym, full body push-ups are no problem either.

    Is there any point in 'challenging' this decision by the medical wing? The letter did state that it made the decision according to 'guidelines' does this mean the system is flexable?
    Does anyone know if its possible to get a second opinion? or is it a concrete thing?

    Anything else, I'd be grateful to hear
  2. Miss D - I feel for you and your disappointment - you must be frustrated.

    I'd see no point in contesting the call, one year is no time at all and will go fast, also the loads your elbow will be placed under during training will be high and frankly going on the Y list is a pain in the arse/elbow.

    I'd get a fill in job and work on your fitness if I were you.


  3. I was worried someone would say that. Ah well... back to boxing popcorn for me...
  4. Or join the TA!! They are a little more lenient when it comes to medicals.
  5. I was thinking of getting my GCSE in maths and entering as an officer instead, at the end of deferral. Considering a hairline fracture takes 8 weeks to heal, a year deferral is an awful long time :(
  6. I had the same news last september.

    Although it is disapointing, it did give me a chance to get really fit.

    My year is nearly up and it flew by - so don't give up.

    Don't train too hard like I did and end up injuring yourself (running injury).
  7. GCSE?? Do you have some A levels already? From the Army website to join as an Officer you need the following....

    GCSEs(General Certificates of Secondary Education)
    You’ll need A*-C grades in at least five separate subjects. These must include English language, maths and either a science subject or a foreign language.

    SCEs (Scottish Certificate of Education)
    You’ll need grades 1-3 in at least five separate subjects. These must include English, maths and either a science subject or a foreign language.

    A Levels/AS Levels, SCE Higher Grades
    You’ll need a score of 140 UCAS Tariff points in separate subjects.

    Alternatively, you could gain the required 140 UCAS Tariff points at VCE or BTEC/Scot Tec Nationals or other equivalent qualifications.

    Thats the bare minimum for even being considered for a commisioning board. Having said that if you do have the required educational qual's then it can take upto a year or more to get to RMAS. Bear in mind that the commisioning board can put a time delay on your entry to RMAS if I remember correctly these are 6,12 and 24 months for "personal development" and a number of different reasons.

    Can someone who has been through the procedure recently confirm those times and if you need to resit the board after them?

    If you dont have the quals but still fancy being an officer then You can always do in house educational training once your in and once you have some time under your belt apply for a commision later. Would give you a chance to see if you really fancied being a rupert trust me its not to everyones liking!!!

    What i'm saying is that if you have the quals and really fancy the officer route dont wait the year for your injury to heal. Start the process now as it will be at least a year before your ready to go to RMAS anyway. + Get some FAM visits out of units... These tend to be good fun as the units you visit are trying to sell themselves to you. Even if you dont go officer you might find Corps you really fancy joining but had not considered before.
  8. I have 7 GCSE's and AS Level in English and a BTEC national diploma in Media Production, however, I dont have the GCSE in maths so im thinking of re-taking it and maybe learning a language aswell during this 10 months deferral torture period.
  9. So you are a professional popcorn boxer? What weight do you fight at and are they particularly mean??
  10. Yes do this even if you don't end up joining as an officer it might help you get other trades. Also as stabandswat said above join the TA for the year. It will give you an insite to the Army and will give you a bit of pocket money.
  11. As regards to popcorn boxing.... I dont recommend trying this at home as they can be savage little buggers, i've been boxing them for a year now - the salty ones are the meanest.

    Will they let me join the TA, even with my apparent 'injury'?
  12. Yes I would guess so.
  13. Ok, so if I joined the TA whilst in deferral, how long would the transfer take from TA to Regulars? I read that basic training in the TA takes a year as you attend on weekends.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Miss D, a TA medical tends to requires the requisite number of limbs (4 in total preferred, but exceptions may be made) and the ability to breath in and out. If you can meet these demanding criteria you will be allowed to join. Your basic recruit training will take anywhere from 4 months to a year depending on delays, type of unit etc but may be a good way of improving your fitness and gaining a bit of knowledge.

  15. Thanks guys, im feeling better now. I'll have a word with ACIO, see what happens.