I regret the decision I made, can it be undone?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by qqp1, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Basically, about a week or two ago I decided to drop my application into the TA after passing my medical and selection etc and was waiting to start training but for some reason, I was having second thoughts and decided to drop my application can this be undone or is it too late, would I have to go through the whole process again?
  2. It is an application. why the **** would you have to go through the application process again to not do the application process?????

    Please do **** off and not cause admin vortex's for an already stretched service. Would you like a hand to tie that noose you knobber?
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  3. Why don't you contact them and find out...

    They have already spent money on you, so they may stick you back on the list...

    or not..
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  4. Plus having reached that far, your details might still be on the system. Ask and you shall receive ... an answer. Even if they simply tell you no.

    Pebbles..... the mongs do so love it when you talk dirty to them
  5. Don't get all butt-hurtPebbles015 people do make bad decisions and in this case I made a stupid mistake due to reasons that don't concern you.

    Also I shall not **** off and I defiantly don't need a hand from a tosser like you.
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  6. I imagine if the internet existed back when your mother had you a similar thread would have appeared.
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  7. This is a place for like minded individuals. Are you like minded??? I think not. **** off and ask the recruiting staff for crying out loud.

    ARRSE does not recruit nor give orders for **** sake.

    (I ******* get it now peeps, it is bloody tiresome after a while)

    I shall make it clear:

    Go and see your unit/AFCO!!! Simples!!
  8. HAHA well aren't you just funny, well considering it did, I similar thread didn't appear although just to be sure why don't you check to make sure!

    Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
  9. HAHAHAHAHA good one my posts now have to be approved because someone got butt-hurt[FONT=arial, sans-serif].[/FONT]
  10. I am going to ask the recruiting staff but since this forum is army related, I thought that there might be people on here that are recruiters or were ex recruiters who would know how the system works and would be able to give me the likely outcome to my situation but obviously not.
  11. There are and they do often give help. Some of our members are simply a little short of patience or simply mad. Try contacting the recruiter or whoever handled you tomorrow and ask them. Best of luck
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  12. Just think fella. Was the army around before the internet???..crack on
  13. I turned down the Army when I was a sprog but a couple of days later changed my mind and decided to go through with it. All it took was a phone call to the ACIO. Mind you, that was in 1976, the army was kidnapping kids off the streets in them days!
  14. Why not just go along, see if you enjoy it, if you don't you can leave.
    You might find you really enjoy it and you were just a bit anxious.
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  15. why in ****'s name is everyone telling him to ask the recruiters? shirley the answer is a big NO!... unless yer gonna put him on point every time yer out on patrol