I recommend Massage Therapy

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I have been getting some knee and lower leg pain over the last months and have been to 2 physios and 3 GPs about it with no success.. today I went to a "sports massage therapist" who had a go at fixing it and MY GOD it worked so well! I have been bouncing around all day feeling light as a feather, I hadnt realised how much tensions and aches I have been carrying around..

    The treatment hurt like HELL.. you know when the doc asks how much it hurts "on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain you could imagine" it was a clear 8-9 at the worst parts but the results were certainly worth it.

    Anyway I really recommend trying it for anyone suffering running related pain, he says I should be running pain free after 1 or 2 more sessions and judging by the results of todays session I would think he is right. Great stuff.

  2. Did you get a 'happy finish'?
  3. I dont know what you mean? If you are asking if I got wood then let me inform you that severe pain and muscle bound Lancastrian men dont do it for me...

  4. ah i love happy finishes...

    how much did the sports massage cost? I had been considering it for my shoulder since its been giving me jip recently and i got phase 1 in a few weeks last thing i need is to turn up with a didgy shoulder.

    I was looking at some adverts for sports massage therapy down my gym and they were asking for £50 a hour, £30 for 30 minutes.


    a happy finish is somthing only 'special' massage palours offer :wink:
  5. after leaving the army an before joining the crabs i studied this and worked for proffesional sports up to and including international teams and all the guys i worked on who had never previously been keen on it were converted. Less injuries, increased performance and quicker healing rate post injury. Does hurt like a mofo but that is just in the initial phases.
    In my opinion, its a huge gap in the market. Physio's tend to be too lazy to do it and opt for electrotherapy instead.
    As for the "happy finish" if the are female an wearing a skin tight skimpy nurses outfit then ask. Can't beat a good rub'n'tug.
  6. lol thanks for the info Mr Cid.. no, there was no happy finish!!!

    As for the price it cost me 15 quid and there wasnt a set time but it took about 35 to 40 minutes.. I would give you the contact details of the guy I went to but I doubt you will want to come all the way up to Lancaster from Kent.

    I found the details from the owner of my local running shop.. dont follow gym ads they always seem to be rediculously overpriced. I would strongly recomend you give it a go for your shoulder.. I was skeptical but the results were very surprising.

  7. hmm, might well look into it, got a thompson local and yellow pages proping my hallway door open, time to put to use.
  8. Ask what experience they have first!! A lot of people do basic massage courses with a one day phase in sports massage, in which case you will be getting fleeced. Someone with a background in sports will more likely have a good knowledge of what is wrong and have more tricks to remedy it. £50 is a bit steep but depends where you live too.
  9. Yes good advice! The guy I went to is a running coach and has something like 10 years experience at massage therapy. His knowledge was astounding, he was able to tell me what my symptoms were after about 30 seconds of prodding. Being a coach he gave me some sound advice for my traning too, good guy. If anyone is in the Northwest and wants his details then PM me.

  10. Can also recommend a good guy in nottingham too if anybody requires it. Was looking at setting up a part time job doing it again down here but my CO said no chance, cnut!!! Nice little money maker on the side.
  11. I had a dodgy neck. Went to a physio and was given some "stretching" exercises to do with a promise it would take a few months to sort out. Four years later went to a masseuse and within 20 minutes I had full mobility back in my neck. The pain was intense though!!
  12. And me, I've had lower leg pain for 3 months, no amount of rest or trips to the doc's could clear it. 2 weeks ago I went for massage, after just 3 one hour sessions the pain has all gone, and I can really get back into training!

    This guy was £30 an hour - but worth every penny!!!
  13. Good to hear others have success stories with regard to massage therapy. Seems 30 quid an hour is pretty reasonable, trust me you want to be there for as little time as possible so book half hour sessions if your massuese recommends it.. I am still cringing thinking about the agony lol.. dreading going back for the second session on Saturday.

  14. Still amazes me that the NHS has failed to see how beneficial it is. Credit to him but Prince Charles said years ago he thought it should be on the NHS the same as physio. Can also thoroughly recommend accupuncture for tendon injuries, harder to treat it with massage but it worked a treat for me.
  15. Did a 5 week course in SMT, its a great treatment, its all lengthening muscles and strengthening muscles to sort out imbalances... if the therapist "stripped" your ITB (line on side of thigh that usually feels like a rock in active people) that would explain the pain ;) Ive made people cry from that treatment.

    And if people havent had Sports Massage before you'll be shocked if the therapist does a full examination/consultation at how many things they can pick up that is physically wrong with you.