I reckon we are due a population drop - only question is how

The only thing that is going to make a difference for the UK is if, as Warming takes off, a Heinrich Event takes place and the Gulf Stream will be reduced cancelling out warming. I wouldn't bet on it, not that that's important, One of my Swiss pals always said that the British had a special God. Let's hope he's paying attention.

Makes one glad to be in the mid-seventies.
If the Gulf Stream goes south (in both meanings), we're going to be a tad chilly & energy use for even the current population would more than double.
Gosh - that would see me spending £1,200 a year on energy, rather than £600...
I'd love to see some limited power cuts, if only to observe conked out smartphones being ever more desperately prodded at by mongs of all colours, creed and stupidity.
The gist of the argument is this. Over the last 2000 years (selected because it's a nice round figure and nothing more) there have been boom and bust periods of the overall human population. Isolated famines, wars, disease have all played their part in reducing the overall number but recently the population number has only gone up.

I remember an article about the cycle of fox and rabbit populations, which if you plotted out the numbers of each in a certain area would follow an almost sine wave cycle with the two actual populations being slightly out of phase. With a small number of foxes, rabbit numbers grow. With more rabbits to eat fox numbers grow. As more rabbit numbers get eaten their population drops and with less food, well you can guess the last part.

We've had a couple of notable diseases that could have triggered another Spanish flu type epidemic but they never came to much (although if you read the headlines the anti-vaxxers are determined to spread measles far and wide). Natural disasters may be successful but they are pretty localised. We seem to be pushing the boundaries of food production to a point that a bad season will make it a lot more expensive to get your smashed avocado for breakfast but no riots on the streets yet, and for all the bluff and bluster I don't see civil insurrection spreading across borders for a while.

So are we overdue a dip in overall global population, and if so, how?
Mother Nature is doing her best but we keep outwitting her with technological advances - we've been sent in recent times tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, AIDS, an Ebola outbreak, bird flu, swine flu, and all sorts of armed shite in the ME but to name but a few.

All designed to kill us off in droves but for those pesky advances in medicine and humanitarian relief.
The population will drop due to the feckin idiots who think it’s a good idea not to vaccinate their children.
Within 100 years every remaining human will be in an inter-racial, same-sex relationship and sperm counts will have dropped to an unsustainable level. Robots will have developed a monopoly to manufacture humans in petri dishes and will control supply to maintain healthy auction prices. The robots will also have developed a futures market for humans traded alongside the usual commodities platforms.
We need some monkeys, well 12 of them
I feel like shooting everyone on "Married At First Sight" and hoping that the brain dead morons that consume this shit top themselves from grief.

That'll be a good start.

Then close down Facebook. That'll bump off another billion or so who suddenly drop dead from panic.
My money is on mass insanity (caused by constant exposure to social media) leading to a general breakdown of civil society.

That or a mass coronal ejection frying all the power grids in the world. Internet dies and so does the snowflake hive mind.
Por djou, nuttin'...


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I've never understood why you need a license to drive a car but not one to have children, who could do significantly more damage.
Especially Scottish ones.


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During the previous years right up to the seventies; if you hung your trousers on the bedpost then the wife got pregnant. at present I have some friends who have been on expensive IVF treatments and failed. Two of them are Chinese. China where the population is also dropping apparently? and not all due to the previous 'one child system' but more to do with personal choice and wealth.
Mother nature is a woman and therefore unpredictable, and nature will have it's way!
These two Chinese whose IVF has failed, are they both blokes ?
If the Gulf Stream goes south (in both meanings), we're going to be a tad chilly & energy use for even the current population would more than double.
Gosh - that would see me spending £1,200 a year on energy, rather than £600...
I imagine grot-sits are surprisingly cheap to heat and the newspaper you spend your day wrapped in must also help.
No because: -
There are huge areas of the planet that are not currently farmed effectively that could be.
The current population is insufficiently well educated to control its own fertility to a stable state.
Disease control is far far better than was in 1918, not least because we don't have major war going on.
And herein lies the answer. Populations continue to grow exponentially, but only in areas where education, particularly for women, and healthcare/ birth control is absent.
Witness the success of education and birth control programmers in Bangladesh and many parts of India. Populations have stabilized quite dramatically, in spite of patriarchal dominance. Improved mortality rates have obviated the need for ever larger numbers of offspring.
Give them the knowledge and the tools, and witness the understanding that follows.

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