I really want a 300 club t shirt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by claypigeonsoldier, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    I hope that you are well. I've made it through Pirbright (phew!) and am currently at my phase 2 training base. I'd really like to be in the 300 club but fitness isn't my strong point. Does anyone have any advice on training regimes to get me there?

    Many thanks

    All the best

  2. If I were you, I would:


    Do press-ups

    Do sit-ups

    Job jobbed!
  3. Hee hee! Trying that but need tips on how to pressup more, sit up more and then run really fast when knackered; have two minutes to knock off my time :-(. Epic fail :-(
  4. This is the biggest fucking wah I have ever seen.
  5. Funny times. I can't like from my I(nept)phone.

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  6. I want to be an SNCO one day not an officer Prince Albert. Want to earn my shirt not buy it ;-)
  7. Cut your cock off and It's a piece of piss to get one.
  8. Don't pass up this opportunity! When you get out of training you'll find beer, telly and skanky chicks. All of those things will make you want to do more interesting things than running, press ups and sit ups.

    Unless you're going to become one of those sad fuckers who spend whatever time they're not in the gym sat in the bar offending us normal people by drinking Cranberry Juice and talking about being in the gym...
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  9. What the fuck is the 300 club?
  10. No you have to get a 'I'm in the 54,700 club' t-shirt. Good thing you have plenty of room for it!

    Stats provided by wikipedia and are estimated numbers at 2015 when the reductions kick in fully
  11. its to do with fitness toffee, so that me and you both f**ked (plus its no good to you because they dont do it in pink!!!!)
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