I quit. What do I tell the kids in my class?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheFriendlyBomb, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. So my letter of resignation is in, I told the boss she can stuff the raise up her arse for all I care and I've told all the other staff why and when I'm leaving.

    So just one problem. What do I tell the kids in my class?
    Simply put shall I be nice, hand out some choccie bars and say I'll come back and visit or do I go nuclear and call them a bunch of chavs and mongs that'll never amount to anything because of your laziness and shitty attitudes. Quite frankly if I had my way you all would have been taken out and shot at birth.

  2. And this has precisely what to do with us?
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  3. Tell them you're retiring to be a full time boring cunt on the internet?
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  4. Do a Derek Bird on 'em.

    The little cunts.
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  5. Be honest. Skiff the chocolate first.
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  6. Just seh nowt an fuck off.
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  7. I suggest the latter, a teacher screaming and balling on front of them will earn the teaching profession so much respect from the chavs and mongs that replacement drafted to replace you will find them a delight and a charm.

    Alternatively undermine the establishment and the career choice of better people by conceding defeat to the illiterate you couldnt tame.
  8. Fuck the prettiest girls it worked fine for my games teacher, forget how many years he did in Armley.
  9. Is there a Teachers equivalent of ARRSE where I can log in to bore them all about my recent retirement, Bedford RL's, SLRs, Larkspur, Clansman etc?
  10. One of these:


    Plus one of these:


    Plus a few of these:


    And you should be good to go. Best of luck with the new career, whatever that may be. :)
  11. How does the key feature in that plan?
  12. That goes without saying!

    Basically I hate the little fuckers and I'm looking to say that but in the most horrible way possible. Long story short I thought you lot would be good for helping me come up with something.
  13. she can handcuff herself to the JerryCan before she lights herself.

    (I presume this is a she)
  14. Obviously to lock them into the classroom just after you've chucked the matches into the fuel. It's not really much fun if they can get out, is it?