I.Q testing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hoohaha, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. fcuk me you brainy individual, get yourself booked into mensa, you're a genius!!

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  2. aye s'not bad, well done fella, pat on the back and all that

  3. about average that is, nowt great

  4. you daft cnut, my fcuking dog could do better than that

  1. Ok, so im bored, and looking on t'internet as one does and i stumble across this site :


    basically its the boggo standard IQ test jobbie, I got a 122, and not really knowing if this is good or bad im looking for some input / feedback / slagging off if necessary :)
  2. i got 128 :)

    i think 110 is about average but dont quote me on it!
  3. 145 for me
  4. You misread it you mong - 1.45, ONE POINT FOUR FIVE !! But that's not bad for a wobbly head like you.

    133 for me. (That's one three three - no decimal point)
  5. 127 Second time, same score as first time --- somethings amiss.

  6. Have way to much free time. 120 for me
  7. Hmm, 131, so how come I still cant program the video? :lol:
  8. 138 here, and.....


    So how come I keep getting it wrong????? Think the Muppet test was closer :lol:

    [marq=left]THE TEST MUST BE BROKEN[/marq]

    100 is average by definition Dizzy, but that includes everyone - even the RLC / Window Lickers / AAC etc

    Bugger, you said DON'T quote you. Oops! ;)
  9. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    145 and skipped a couple that I couldn't get my head round, zips and zonklers being one of them and the rocket and explosion one.
  10. 133 here.
    It's not a good I.Q. test as it is not timed. Also, contrary to logic, 100 is not the average score for an I.Q. test. There are different types of tests and they all give different results. (up to 30 points difference.)
  11. It does say the average UK Tickle user has an IQ of 119.73
  12. Hmmm 131

    I didn't have clue on the last one
  13. 175

    And a compulsive tendency to lie.
  14. Not bad, I got 127 (think the average was about 95?). So anything in the 120s is good!
  15. 117 - bollox im a fcuking mong!!! :p