I Q Test

Also 136.
i managed a delitefull 108 but ive been on duty and had no sleep

thats my excuse and im sticking to it
Phew don't feel so bad now, although I have no excuse for my terrible score ;(
133, lagging behind (must be the pants on head)
It's not timed i just noticed it took me that long, although IQ tests i've taken before were much longer than that one.....
127, but the baby is screaming in my arms (not hungry!)
Oh go on then; 140. But I can't tie my shoelaces, and anyway it's not scientifically valid.
Might not be scientifically valid but I got 140 and I can tie my shoelaces. I think that makes me the mostest cleverest so far.

You bunch of dimwits!!!!! :wink:
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