" I put it in my mouth while I soaped myself "

The old excuse eh?

"It broke in the shower"...

got me out of a lot of trouble with the MT Sgt, Pl Sgt, SQMS etc etc....

I just wonder did he take the foil off so the chocolate melted in the warm water?

He put it in his mouth to keep it dry?

Common cause of a dry mouth:
Medication. Various drugs can cause a dry mouth as a side-effect. For example, tricyclic antidepressants, antihistamines, antimuscarinic drugs, some antiepileptic drugs, some antipsychotics, betablockers, and diuretics ('water tablets'). Many of these drugs cause a dry mouth by affecting the salivary glands which reduce the amount of saliva that these glands make.
Methinks he should have kept his mouth shut. During and after his shower.

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